President Infinity 1916 Election


[This scenario has been greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on September 15, 2017. You can download it here: United States – 1916 v2.0

Woodrow Wilson attempts to become the first Democratic president to win back-to-back reelection since Andrew Jackson in 1832. This election will celebrate its centennial during the 2016 election.

In real life, Wilson was assured renomination for the Democrats. The Republican field was spread out between progressives, moderates and conservatives, and the party attempted to unite these wings after a devastating 1912 election defeat. Additionally, the Socialist Party is coming off their strongest presidential election.

This scenario allows for the Progressive Party to make another shot for the White House. In real life, they tried to get Roosevelt to run again, but he declined and endorsed his old party. This scenario allows for ex-presidents Roosevelt and Taft to run for office. It also allows for populist leader William Jennings Bryan to challenge Wilson to earn a fourth nomination for the Democratic ticket.

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