2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire – Beta version

The State of New Hampshire provided one of the closest races in the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton narrowly defeating Donald Trump. The results in Pennsylvania and Michigan meant that New Hampshire wasn’t as pivotal as it could have been.

Here you have an opportunity to battle 2016 out in New Hampshire;

Beta version – New Features;

Primaries for the GOP, Dems, Libertarian and Green (Delegate numbers are x10 from real life so the numbers provide more competition across the 10 counties, (GOP = 230 rather than only 23 across 10 counties.)

Endorsers – Newspaper interviewers added as endorsers. For those papers who endorsed candidates in more than one party these have been set as ‘Centre’. GOP or DEM only are set respectively as centre-right or centre-left. The Governor, Senators and Representatives have been added also.

The GOP seem overpowered when starting from the Primaries (I think is has something to do with the number of candidates in each primary, 8 GOP vs 2 DEM). For better results enabling more Democrats is a good idea. In order to counter the GOP bias issue, I have made all counties adhere to the default 2016 scenario for NH.

Feel free to suggest improvements and ways to counter the overpowered GOP.

2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire (Alpha version)

2016 – United States presidential election in New Hampshire (Beta version)

2016 – United States presidential election in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania ended up becoming one of the most important states in the race to 270 for Donald Trump as he took the presidency. Here is your chance to relive the general election race in the Keystone State and not just with the final candidates as all default primary candidates are available also.

2016-united-states-presidential-election-in-pennsylvania (.rar file)

2016-united-states-presidential-election-in-pennsylvania (.zip file)


Election 2016 ~ Time of Outsiders



Finally! The Personal Scenario is Released!



The 2016 election is by far one of the most controversial and frequently talked about races in the history of politics. With two controversial candidates taking the state, many voters have found themselves alienated by the two major parties and have taken it up to themselves to flock to many minor parties, like the Libertarians, Greens, and even the Constitutionalists, McMullin, and La Fuente.

Will Clinton pull off a landslide? Can Trump defy all odds and win the Presidency? Can Gary Johnson find a way into the debates? 

The next President will have to deal with ISIS, taxes, the economy, the Supreme Court, and more, and the fate of the nation lies in your hands…

DOWNLOAD LINK: Personal Scenario 0.1

Updates List:
Release it! ✓
Add all Libertarians on Wikipedia
Add all Greens on Wikipedia
More events

Notice: There is a bug that doesn’t allow GE %’s in the Primaries – primaries have been temporarily disabled for the time being.

“WE ARE GOING TO WIN BIG!” – Donald J. Trump


With the most accurate polling of any 2016 scenario, you will have to campaign effectively and manage your time wisely to win over the crucial swing states. Can you pull off a Clinton landslide? Can a Republican take back the White House? Can McMullin win Utah? Can Johnson break 5%?

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email.” – Hillary R. Clinton


With new issues like, “Hillary’s Emails”, “Marijuana”, and the “Gender Gap” to stir things up, the election season is sure to be full of mudslinging and boasting as the candidates try to appease all voters. Now, voters will care about a wide variety of issues, instead of focusing on a few small ones!

“What is Aleppo?” – Gary E. Johnson


With 50+ new random and scripted events added, the voter’s perception of the issues will adamantly change during the course of the game. Did a mass shooting just occur? Chances are, many voters will flip to the left on gun control issues. Terrorist attack? Now they may want more ground troops in the Middle East. Wikileaks release some Hillary emails? Yeah, she’s going down in the polls. Trump say something racist again? Now they’re undecided again; With so many events added, the gameplay will be anything but static!

Old Versions:
Currently there are none!

2016 All-Independents 2.0


UPDATE 11/1/16:  Ok so I know the region percentages were WAY off last time.  I’ve completely re-done those from scratch.  Methodology was difficult because of the expanded general election field, most candidates except for the current top four had some guesswork involved.  I used primaries voting to “rank” candidates within their (real-world) parties.  To avoid vote-splitting, I first expanded the lead party in a state, then divvied up the percentages.  For example if a state was 50-40 Trump over Clinton, I’d go to 60-40 and THEN “give” some of the 60 to Ted Cruz.  It’s an inexact science.  Let me know what you think.



Don’t like our choices?  Did your #1 not make the general election?  The ultimate Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Bernie Sanders dream scenario.  Well, what if all the candidates ran as independents?  I think it’d go something like this.

FIXES 10/23:
Some Libertarian candidates not on all ballots
Turned off polling, as it was resulting in very weird results.  Will work on the polls later.


270Soft Forum Users’ Scenario

270Soft Forum Users’ Scenario (2016)


This election takes place during the high-tide of anti-establishment populism in America. As such, a diverse range of ideologies fight to become the primary platform for their party in the 2016 election. Can the more established front-runners avoid a convention battle defeat? Can the ultimate nominees inspire Americans to follow their vision to build a better America?

Democratic Candidates Include: 

Sen. Ramsey of PA, a centrist physician.

Rep. Perry of TN, a leader of the Religious Left

Rep. Faberge of WA, an activist and progressive

Rep. Sabolesky of AZ, former progressive journalist

Rep. Sunny of SC, Southern liberal promising sunny days ahead.

Mayor Newton of MA, Boston’s progressive mayor

Dr. As Na Cillini of NY, a moderate, anti-establishment figure

Prof. Emerson of TX, Harvard professor promoting progressivism in Texas

Republican Candidates include: 

Gov. Victor of TX, Reagan-conservative born of immigrant parents

Sen. Wilson of TX, centrist Republican battling a very conservative field

Sen. Green of KY, Libertarian-leaning conservative.

Sen. Hale of OH, very conservative senator drifting towards Libertarianism

Sen. Ackermann of AR, Rubio-like conservative from the South

Rep. Bachmann of AL, Tea Party Conservative and brother to Michelle Bachmann

Rev. Taylor of LA, notable fringe Catholic Minister wishing for a pre-1964 America

Mr. Kudelka of SC, wealthy CEO touting himself as the only anti-establishment candidate

[Note: All forum candidates are fictional. All similarities between them and users in the forum are coincidental.]

Here is the link2016-270soft-forum-scenariio 1.0

Ultimate Add-On! More Candidates, Issues, and Events!

Updated: 9/10/16

Election Poster

Download link: OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.7

With the increased disapproval rating between both leading parties, the Green Party, Libertarian Party and several once unpopular third parties grow in popularity among angered voters. Additionally, some once popular candidates are considering throwing their hats in for this election…

UPDATED EVERY DAY!! (Sometimes multiple times a day)

(Probably Not) Coming Soon…
More parties (a few more more planned)
Adding ALL DNC speakers
Adding ALL RNC speakers
Adding ALL Libertarians on Wikipedia ✓
Adding ALL Greens on Wikipedia
Adding YOU guys! ✓
More candidates (a LOT more planned)
Polls (currently uses region data, which has pros and cons)
More random events (soooo many more)
A couple more issues (more planned)
Updated platforms ✓
Updated candidate pictures

Probably Final Update
Note: My scenario is still in the process of being merged with JohnnyK’s. I’m just updating this so I can download my personal scenario on another computer. If you want to use this one, I guess you can, but I reccomend JohnnyK’s.
Adds Evan McMullin
Adds many more random events
Adds more candidates
Balances gameplay
Poll changes. (More similar to RCP polls now)
Electability (Some candidates give poll boosts when winning nomination. Rand Paul increases Libertarian polling, Mcafee decreases, Kasich greatly increases Republican polling, and Sanders increases Democratic polling greatly. Affects all candidates. Clinton, Taylor, Cruz, Christie, and a few others decrease polling)
Adds a lot of other things that I can’t remember.

Libertarian Update! – Changes 7/30/2016
Adds 13 new Libertarian candidates!
Libertarians poll better
NOTE: This may be the last update for my scenario. JohnnyK and I have been talking about merging our two scenarios.

Mega Update! – Changes 7/29/2016
Adds Progressive Party
Adds America First Party
Adds Pat Buchanan to Reform Party
Adds Ted Cruz to America First Party
Adds Gloria La Riva to Progressive Party
Adds Pat Buchanan to America First Party
Adds Jack Hertz (jvikings1) to Republican Party
Assa Jakob Taylor (Reagan04) to the Republican Party
Adds Christian Ackermann (Conservative Elector) to the Republican Party
Adds Caleb Perry (Caleb’s Paradox) to the Democratic Party
Adds Jonathan Hobratsch (Vcczar) to the Progressive Party
Adds Alan Grayson to Progressive Party
Makes Kasich less likely to drop out (increases Ambition and Ideologue)
Changes Kelso to be a bit less popular

Socialist Update! – Changes 7/28/2016
Adds Sanders to Socialist Party
Makes Socialist more Liberal
Makes Socialist candidates more liberal
New abortion issue logo (Thanks Zach!)
A few other small updates 😛

Independents! – Changes 7/27/2016
These changes now have titles.
Adds me, as an Independent, since I actually filed with the FEC in real life.
Adds Lloyd Kelso, as an independent
Fixes polls.
Fixes some grammar
Updates some issues, and platforms

Changes 7/26/2016
Better polling for Libertarians
8 new events. Some random.
Update Donald Trump self-imploding. Lower chance, but now more destructive to Trump campaign, lowering tons of momentum instead of just a little bit.
Updated General and Primary blurbs.
Updated debates. Less “all candidate debates”
Updates “Weed Day” event to show up on weed day.
Fix grammar issue, calling Ted Cruz, “Zodiac CALLER”
Realistic primary polling
Updated candidates platform’s and attributes.
Bad events lowers Obama’s momentum (if Obama’s running)

Changes 7/25/2016
Adds 1 new issue, Obesity Crisis
Makes Rubio a bit less OP
Adds 8 new events. Some are random.
Major realistic polling changes.

This campaign adds 17 new issues, and more! I took the feedback you guys gave me with the Beta, and made this! It adds tons of new Vice Presidents, Candidates, IssuesEvents, and MORE!!

Additionally this campaign adds TONS of new parties, ranging from a Trump independent bid, the NeverTrump Party, the Socialist Party, to even the ‘Rent is too Damn High’ party, and the Humane Party.

Aside from that, the campaign also adds 50+ new candidates to every single party, with realistic statistics, and ratings.

New Issues (Tired of running out of policy speeches? So am I!)

  • Fracking
  • Hillary’s Emails
  • Enhanced Interrogation
  • Religious Liberty
  • Death Penalty
  • Cannabis
  • Confederate Flag
  • NASA
  • Israel
  • Supreme Court Nomination
  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • Welfare
  • Minimum Wage
  • Political Reform
  • Nuclear Disarmament
  • War on Drugs
  • Internet
  • Obesity Crisis

New Events (*<– Means Random Event)

  • *Donald Trump’s Campaign Self Implodes (Makes Donald lose some momentum if running as a Republican, low chance.)
  • *Rubio Repeats self (Makes Rubio lose some momentum before Iowa, low chance)
  • Rubio Republicans Unite (Makes Rubio gain momentum if Rubio repeats himself during the campaign, moderate chance.)
  • Libertarian Support (Libertarians are shown as better alternative to Democrats and Republicans. Lowers Democrat and Republican momentum, and raises Libertarians. Also raises all third parties momentum a little bit.)
  • Kanye West Presidential Announcement (Kanye West announces candidacy for 2020.) Lowers Democrat momentum slightly. Lol.
  • *Carson Weak on Terrorism (Ben Carson is weak on terrorism, what made Carson drop in the polls IRL) Carson loses a bit of momentum. Moderate chance.
  • *Mass Shooting (Has a 1% chance of happening any day during the year 2016, and not on scripted days to allow game variation. Increases Trump and Republican momentum slightly. Can happen a max of 20 times. 10% chance to shift War on Terror to the right.)
  • *Terrorist Attack (Same event as Mass Shooting, just different name.)
  • *U.N. Global Warming (U.N. takes steps to global warming. Brings attention to environment. Raises Democrat momentum.) Moderate chance.
  • *ISIS Leader Killed (1% chance of happening on any day. Can happen a max of 6 times a year. Boosts Republican momentum, raises War on Terror momentum.)
  • *Massive Drought (Same as U.N. Global warming. Lower chance, different name.)
  • *Illegal Immigrants Flood (1,000 illegal immigrants pour into country. Raises Trump momentum, and has chance to shift immigration center to the right. 1% chance per day.)
  • *Democrat Bloody Money (Democrats receive corrupt money, Democrats get $1,000,000, but lose a little momentum. 1% chance per day.)
  • *Poodle Attacks Obama (Poodle attacks Obama – declared racist. No effect.)
  • *Random Cow In White House (A cow escapes from a farm and breaks into the White House, before getting killed by Secret Service. Added for humor into an otherwise serious game. +1 momentum for the Humane Party, the lowest polling party in the game.)
  • *Stock Market Crash (Stock market crashes due to bad economy. Raises Republican momentum.)
  • Weed Day (Occurs on April 20th. Has chance to shift Cannabis issue center to the left. Raises Democrat momentum.)
  • Trump Appears on WWE (Raises momentum for Trump, occurs July 9th, 2015)
  • Trump Calls McCain Not A War Hero (Lowers Trump momentum, raises McCain momentum, if running in the race July 18th, 2015)
  • Ted Cruz Eats Bacon Off Machine Gun (August 3rd, 2015. Lowers Cruz’s momentum.)
  • Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer (January 26th, 2016. Slightly lowers Cruz’s momentum.)
  • Jeb Bush Makes Crowd Clap (February 3rd, 2016. Slightly lowers Jeb’s momentum.)
  • Pokemon Go Releases (July 6th, 2016. Raises Pokemon Party momentum. Raises issue momentum for Obesity Crisis.)
  • *Dead Body Found With Pokemon Go (Only happens after Pokemon Go Releases.)
  • Obama’s Half Brother Endorses Trump (Lowers Obama’s momentum. Raises Trump’s momentum.)
  • *Troops Deployed To Fight Terrorism (Raises War on Terror momentum. Only occurs if terrorist attack event occurs.)
  • *Hollywood Liberals Smack Talk Republicans (Lowers Republican momentum. Raises Democrat momentum slightly. 1% chance every day.)
  • *Donald Trump Says Offensive Statement! (Lowers Trump momentum. 1% chance every day.)
  • *Gary Johnson Calls Trump a Pu**y (Raises Gary Johnson momentum. Lowers Trump’s momentum. Occurs March 5th.)
  • *Bernie Sanders Called a Socialist (Bernie Sanders gets called Socialist at speech. Lowers Sanders momentum.)
  • *Bernie Sanders Shown Better Than Crooked Hillary (Raises Sanders momentum. Lowers Hillary momentum.)
  • *Hillary Takes Wall Street Donation (Gives Hillary $1,000,000, lowers Hillary momentum, raises Sanders momentum. Chance to shift “corruption” issue to the right.)
  • *New Hillary Clinton Emails Discovered (Lowers Hillary momentum. Chance to shift, “Hillary’s emails” issue to the right.)

NEW PARTIES, and New candidates DOESN’T INCLUDE VP’s

  • Republican (adds Jim Gilmore, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Rick Scott, George Pataki, and more!)
  • Democrat (adds Lincoln Chafee, Barack Obama, Al Franken, Michelle Obama, Al Gore, and more!)
  • Libertarian (adds Austin Petersen, John McAfee and Michael Sanchez, my personal friend who was the official mayoral candidate for New York in 2013)
  • Green (adds Bill Kreml)
  • Never Trump (adds Mitt Romney, with Glenn Beck VP)
  • Trumpet (Only has Donald Trump. A Donald Trump independent bid.)
  • Federalist (adds James Mattis, Tom Coburn, and Dick Cheney)
  • Reform (adds Kenneth Cross, and Lynn Kahn)
  • Constitution (adds Darrell Castle, Scott Copeland, J.R. Myers, and Don Grundmann)
  • American Independent (adds Wiley Drake, James Hedges, Tom Hoefling, and Alan Spears)
  • Justice Party (adds Rocky Anderson, and Daniel Geery)
  • Peace and Freedom (adds Monica Moorehead, and Gloria La Riva)
  • Socialist Party USA (adds Gloria La Riva, Emidio Soltysik, Jerry White, and Alyson Kennedy)
  • Communist Party USA (adds Peta Lindsay, and Michael Prysner)
  • Modern Whig Party (adds Mike Lebowitz, and T.J. Ohara)
  • Rent Is Too Damn High (adds Jimmy McMillan)
  • Prohibition (adds Jim Hedges)
  • Humane Party (adds Clifton Roberts)
  • Pokemon Party (adds Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Ditto)
  • Hale Independent (adds me!)
  • Kelso Independent (adds Lloyd Kelso)
  • Progressive Party
  • America First Party

Cancelled Parties

  • New Black Panther Party (decided it was too controversial to add in)
  • American Nazi Party (decided it was wayyy to controversial to add in)
  • Guns and Dope Party (couldn’t find any candidates)
  • Beer Drinker’s Party (couldn’t find any candidates, also it was pretty ridiculous)
  • Pirate’s Party (couldn’t find any candidates)
  • American Delta Party (not a legitimate and modern party, IMO)

I hope all of you like it!

Download link: OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.7

Older Versions:
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.7
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.6
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.5
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.4
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.3

OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.2
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.1
MoreIssuesEventsAndCandidates 1.0

2016 Presidential Election More Candidates


I’ve created a new 2016 campaign with all of the minor candidates who are absent from the official campaign, as well as adding a few new parties.  I also made some changes to the Libertarians and Bloomberg.

United States – 2016 More Candidates 1.2

  • New Candidates:
    Gov. George Pataki – R
    Gov. Jim Gilmore – R
    Amb. John Bolton – R
    Cmsr. Mark Everson – R
    Prof. Larry Lessig – D
    Gov. Lincoln Chafee – D
    Mr. Rocky de la Fuente – D
    Mr. John McAfee – L
    Mr. Austin Petersen – L
    Mr. Darrel Castle – C
    Mr. Scott Copeland – C
    Gen. James Mattis – F
    Sen. Tom Coburn – F
    Vice Pres. Dick Cheney – F
    Gov. Rick Perry – F
  • Added the Constitution Party
    Mr. Darrel Castle – C
    Mr. Scott Copeland – C
    Vice-Presidential Option:
    Mr. Scott Bradley
    Initial polling at 1% in Wyoming and South Dakota, 0% everywhere else.  Based off of 2012 results.  Ballot access includes the states that the party expects to be on the ballot on.
  • Added the Federalist Party
    Candidates:Gen. James Mattis – F
    Sen. Tom Coburn – F
    Vice Pres. Dick Cheney – F
    Gov. Rick Perry – F
    Vice-Presidential Option:
    Sen. Ben Sasse
    Hypothetical conservative, Trump-alternative third party.  Not recommend for use during the primaries.
  • New Primary Start Dates:
    January 1st, 2015
    April 1st, 2015
    Each date has national polling, the correct undecided candidates, and FEC numbers, if applicable.
  • New General Start Date:
    July 1st, 2016
    Note that there are no conventions.  Each nominee must be chosen manually.
  • Libertarian Party Rework:
    Polling is more reasonable between the five start dates.  McAfee and Petersen improve as time passes, while Ventura and Johnson decline slightly.
    The Libertarian Debate has been moved to April 1st 2016, the date of the upcoming Fox Business debate.  Ballot access has been updated to all 50 states, as the party appears to be on track to be on every ballot.
  • Spectator Party:
    No money and no ballot access means you are free to observe the election as it unfolds.
  • Polling Boost for Bloomberg:
    He starts with at least 8% nationwide, and more in the northeast.
  • Vice-Presidents for Bloomberg:
    Gov. Ed Rendell
    Mr. Howard Schultz
    Gov. Charlie Crist
    Rep. Joe Scarborough
    Gov. Bill Walker
    Adm. Michael Mullen
  • Slight Stats Changes
    Mostly for candidates’ ambition scores.

*Last Updated 4/24/2016*

Version 1.2 for President Infinity 2.2.6