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Non-First Past the Post Electoral Systems and New Scenarios

Proportional Representation – I’ve recently been exploring the possibility of utilising the primary election proportional representation (PR) feature on President Infinity to create scenarios for countries that use PR, unfortunately to no avail. I think it would be great to see this feature made available for the general election, in addition to the primary elections, in order to allow for the creation of accurate PR election scenarios. Would be interested to see if anyone else feels the same!

In the current absence of this feature outside of the PI primaries, I’ve found two ways to work around it:

Firstly, when I’ve been working on a full PR election, such as British EU Parliamentary election scenarios for example (all were held using regional PR lists following 1999), instead of using FPTP seats, which would produce widely unrealistic results, I’ve instead set the scenario to a direct popular vote. While this means that no seats are allocated and regional differences are not accounted for, it does reflect the proportionality of the election somewhat. I’d be keen to hear what people think about this method and whether it makes for an interesting scenario or not.

Secondly, for mixed member proportional elections (some FPTP seats, some PR), I’ve instead envisioned making scenarios solely focused on the FPTP seats. The only issue with this is that it would produce unrealistic/simplistic results with nations like Wales or Scotland, where one party has a large advantage in terms of FPTP seats, or for nations like Italy, which have a greater number of PR list seats than FPTP seats. I’d also be keen to see if people would find these sorts of scenarios interesting, despite being somewhat incomplete.

Two Round Elections – Two round elections have been made somewhat more accessible with the onset of the ranked choice feature, which despite not providing for an actual second round, does whittle the number of candidates down to two. I’ve been experimenting with the possibility of creating French legislative election scenarios with this, something I would also be keen to receive feedback on the possibility of.

I would also like to make a French presidential election scenario, however, as the ranked choice feature only works for single regions, it would require a single, all-France region to work in this way, meaning that the only alternative to a two round national election scenario would be to have separate first and second round popular vote scenarios. I would be interested to know what people would think about either having two separate scenarios for each round, or indeed if just having a first round scenario would be more interesting.

Future Projects

I’d therefore be interested to hear feedback on some future projects I had in mind relating to the above, or any tips or ideas regarding the use of non-FPTP voting systems.

PR Elections:

  • Welsh and Scottish devolved elections, 1999-2021 (focusing only on FPTP seats)
  • British EU Elections, 1999-2019 (using popular vote)
  • Italian general election, 2018 (focusing only on FPTP seats)
  • German general election, 2017 and upcoming (focusing only on FPTP seats)

Two Round Elections:

  • French legislative elections, 2017 (using ranked choice, instant run-off for the seats)
  • French presidential election, 2017 (using two separate FPTP scenarios)

Miscellaneous (if there’s interest to make the scenarios):

  • Scottish independence referendum, 2014
  • Update the EU referendum 2016, Quebec referendum 1995 scenarios
  • Quebec independence referendum, 1980
  • Australian republic referendum, 1999

Would be very interested to hear everyone’s feedback and opinions on the voting systems (if you too would like to see a PR and second round feature added), as well as any feedback on the possible scenarios listed above or any other suggestions for future scenarios.


9 thoughts on “Feedback on New Scenario Ideas

  1. Potentially the mixed member systems could be done using the off-year seats option that is used for Senate elections in Congress Infinity. For example in a Scottish election setting x number of PR seats for each party as off-year so there is no election but will show up in the final tallies.

    I believe there is a option to select the number of seats for each region but they are allocated in block.

    The fully PR elections would likely only work as vote tallies unfortunately unless groups of seats could be up for elections to add a little more competitiveness.

  2. You could make two scenarios for the two-round elections – one for each round.

  3. For the French Elections, to make a two-round system, could it be possible to use the primary system for the US system but transform the general election into a second round. I’m not sure if it would be possible to get two candidates to qualify from one primary in the second round, however.

  4. For MMP can’t you technically make a separate constituency to represent the national vote for the PR seats?

  5. Didn’t they make a MMP program for a previous version of Chancellor Forever?

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    Daons: That’s an interesting idea which I hadn’t thought of, I will have to experiment with that but the only trouble is that it could still lead to a disproportionate result as it may over-allocate seats to parties etc. Additionally, I’ll be posting an all-vote tally ‘PR’ election soon to see what people think (if its not competitive/interesting enough etc).

    Anonymous: I think that will be the best temporary fix for national two-round elections currently, the instant run-off is adequate for regional/constituency two-round though.

    JMC: I’ve tried that route but it would only work for the individual party primaries (LR/PS for example) and then a following first round of the election. I’ve not found a way to make a realistic second round with this method.

    Stoichi: This would be possible but wouldn’t allow for an accurate allocation of seats.

    Jared R Kebbell: Not as far as I’m aware, I believe it only focused on the FPTP side of the election without any PR lists.

    Thanks again for your feedback, I’m keen to know if there’s an appetite among other users for the addition of a two-round system and a PR/MMP system to 270soft. I’ve raised this with the developers in the past after a blog post in 2017 ( which put forward the possibility of implementing a two-round system, direct popular vote and PR. While the direct popular vote feature was added, the other two have yet to be implemented since the blog was posted four years ago, but I’ve been told after enquiring that they are both still possible additions in the future. Again, I’d be interested to see what people think about the addition of these features, because I feel these would be fantastic to see on 270soft and would allow us to make many more accurate scenarios for areas that do not use FPTP.

  7. When you make the French scenarios, can you make an additional version that does not contain special characters (or at least the names of the candidate/surrogate portraits do not contain photos that have special characters)?
    My computer cannot read them.

  8. If someone could do a decent Illinois map for me, I could do a number of scenarios. Like 1986 Illinois Gubernatorial, when the Democratic nominee ended up being a 3rd Party nominee because the LaRouchites won the Secretary of State and Lt. Governor nominations. Or the 2004 U.S. Senate when a lil’ known State Senator named Barack Obama ran in a crowded field, etc.

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