Bahamas – 2017

Bahamas – 2017

After 5 years in government, the ruling Progressive Liberal Party remains deeply unpopular with the Bahamian electorate. Allegations of corruption, and a high level of mistrust from Bahamian voters, continue to dog the party as the general election approaches. On the other hand, the opposition Free National Movement continues to struggle with internal disarray as their candidate for the general election, the Hon. Hubert Minnis, recently lost a vote of no confidence to remain as the sitting Leader of the Opposition in the House Of Assembly. Can the FNM quiet their internal struggles to proceed as a unified party into the upcoming election, or will the PLP win another 5 years of governance?

Scenario Features Include :

  • Bahamian Political Parties :
    • Free National Movement
    • Progressive Liberal Party
    • Democratic National Alliance
    • Bahamas Constitutional Party
    • Independents
    • Parliamentary Commissioner (Observer)
  • Bahamian Political Leaders :
    • Free National Movement :
      • Hon. Hubert Minnis
      • Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner
      • Fmr. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham
      • Fmr. Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette
    • Progressive Liberal Party :
      • Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Perry Christie
      • Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis
      • Hon. Alfred Sears
      • Hon. MoFA & Immigration Fred Mitchell
    • Democratic National Alliance
      • Branville McCartney
    • Bahamas Constitutional Party
      • Ali McIntosh
  • Variety Of Bahamian Endorsers
  • Noteworthy Bahamian Events
  • Bahamian Issues and Party Platforms
  • Map of the Bahamas with 2017 constituency boundaries
  • Observer Party
  • and much more!

Please feel free to leave any feedback, concerns, constructive criticism, or comments below. This is my first publicly released scenario, so any feedback goes a long way in helping me to refine my work!

Hope that everyone is able to enjoy!


CPE (Caribbean Political Enthusiast)

4 thoughts on “Bahamas – 2017”

  1. Really cool scenario, and very well done!

    Are ads supposed to be extremely expensive, though?

  2. Yes, although I realize now that I probably did make it slightly too expensive. I am working on a 2012 General Election scenario at the moment, and I will probably lower the cost of advertising then.

    It is somewhat difficult to precisely simulate campaign strategies and spending trends in the Bahamas. By raising the costs of advertising, I tried to remove the potential for ad spamming, given that door-to-door get out the vote tactics are still a key part of campaigning in the islands.

  3. Hi there,

    Yes, I am currently working on one for the Bahamian general election of 2012. I will try to go back as far as I can, but data from the elections prior to 1992 is difficult to find.

    I am working on a few other scenarios as well, but the time it takes to make these is anything but trivial. It is on my agenda to release a few US House Of Representatives scenarios at some point in the future as well, but it is unclear how much of my time I can devote on them in the coming months.

    Hopefully I will have some more content to publish soon!

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