Brazil – 2018

This campaign is loosely based off an existing “Brazil – 2018” scenario by victorraiders, but focused on the second round instead of the first round. I am planning to add more endorsers and possibly more events and possible running mates. I’m looking forward to seeing any feedback. Have fun!

Update 2020-07-18:

  • Changed candidate and issue descriptions slightly
  • Added two issues: International Relations and Operation Car Wash
  • Added two possible running mates, one for Bolsonaro and one for Haddad, from the original victorraiders version
  • Added two more interviewers
  • Fixed bug which would cause the states of Paraná and Piauí to display as gray on the map
  • Fixed abbreviation for Mato Grosso (MG → MT)
  • Added two optional starting dates – August 1 and September 1 – for those that want to control one of the candidates for a longer time

Planned changes: adding more surrogates, and maybe a few endorsers too.

3 thoughts on “Brazil – 2018

  1. hi, very good you interessed in scenario i quite busy these months but i have one’s new issues and anothers things added,wainting for favorability and demographics to update my scenario any suggestions or talk about add new things in your scenario for update pm me in forum

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