Anarchy in the USA!

Anarchy in the USA! Version 2!

Alright, all you cool cats! Welcome to this thing of ours, where wrecking the White House gets you votes! It’s a universe where extremes are the norm, and the political scene is a free-for-all! Whether you be a liberal, conservative, fascist or communist, whether you be a billionaire or you hail from the planet Pluto, even if you’re a puppet – silliness and novelty is invited!

Version 1

Based on a scenario by Treasurer of the PC.

3 thoughts on “Anarchy in the USA!”

  1. Just wanted to say this is the weirdest scenario I’ve ever played… and I love it!

  2. I didn’t think I’d say this, but this scenario has aged badly, considering Kanye came out as a Nazi. I simply must get rid of him.

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