Senate – 2018

Hello all! I’ve been slowly plugging away on an alpha version of the 2018 Senate Mid-Term election. I’ve possibly over-strengthened the Democrats, and I’ve yet to add in events, but hopefully this alpha will at least pique your interest! Feel free to leave a comment or criticism of how I’ve set the whole thing up. I’ll be updating this hopefully within the week!

Senate – 2018


  • Major Party Candidates
  • Major Independents
  • Add surrogates for main parties
  • Modify issues

To Do:

  • More Independents
  • More Third Parties
  • Events
  • More Issues + Further issue tweaks

4 thoughts on “Senate – 2018”

  1. The state-issue lean is all from the standard game, but as I add and modify issues I’ve been working to correct that.

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