2020- President Trump (v 1.1.2)

Hello players! Sorry for the wait, I’m back!!! This time, with a hell of a lot more! I’ve added numerous events, candidates, and VP candidates! Expect the next update in around a week, mostly issues and events based, with numerous VPs!!! Please try this scenario, I love feedback!!!



United States – 2020 (Trump)



Several new events, more realistic polling, etc.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D)
Gov. Steve Bullock (D)
Fmr. Gov Lincoln Chafee (D)
Fmr. MO SoS Jason Kander (D)
Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (D)
Mr. Larry Lessig (D)

Vice Leaders:

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)
Gov. Chris Sununu (R)

14 thoughts on “2020- President Trump (v 1.1.2)”

  1. Its not working, I put it in userscenarios and its not appearing then in the scenarios sections still nothing

  2. hey fault much archives in paste and this cause the error, west and kardashim to (R) option off vs zuckerberg(D) are good

  3. Milo, you need to take the scenario out of the zip file then stick it in user scenarios. Then open it up through the campaign editor. Then don’t change anything but click save and exit.

  4. I’m actually having the same problem. The campaign not showing up on my list. I have installed dozens of campaigns in the past, so I know what I’m doing. I’ve never ran into this problem before. Any suggestions would be appreciate.

  5. my campaigns that im installing also aren’t appearing. hold on, sprry for the bug.

  6. Big Bug- Playing in Democrats, I was Chafee wanted to see howv impossible finished second but Gillbrand didnt have a majority so waited for the convetion, never fired and I’m in the general election stage and there still two democrat candidates in the game. In the debates it was me Trump and Gilbrand

  7. There seems to be a problem. Many Democrats, including Chaffee, Harris, Brown, Zuckerberg and others start out at 0%. I doubt this is intended.

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