Arkansas – 2002 (Governor)

Hi my friends! 🙂

I’ve created a working Arkansas scenario.  Arkansas – 2002 (Governor) 2 <- UPDATE #2 is out! My good friend JohnnyK improved some things. 🙂


It’s the 2002 Gubernatorial election featuring Governor Mike Huckabee vs. State Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher. You are free to use it for your own Arkansas elections (Governor, Senate,…)

I plan to create other Arkansas scenarios too. If you want to help me, please message me in the forum. 🙂


  • Governor Mike Huckabee (R)
  • State Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher (D)
  • Write-in/Observation Party (ballot access only in Marion County (nearly 6 % write-in votes…)
  • Working County map of Arkansas
  • Accurate %s of 2002
  • Correct county population as given on Wikipedia
  • Correct Debate date.
  • Real slogans as Super PAC names
  • Surrogate Janet Huckabee and Bill Clinton
  • Correct county ids
  • Primaries
  • Lt. Gov. Winthrop P. Rockefeller (R)
  • Bill Halter as democratic running mate (D)
  • 2 new Democrats and 1 Republican challenger
  • Primary %s as given on Wikipedia

Update #2 by JohnnyK

  • Arkansas Interviewers
  • Accurate Arkansas Endorsers

To-do list:

  • Arkansas issues
  • Potential candidates
  • More surrogates

Have fun, I look forward to your feedback. 🙂

*Last update: 08/21/2016*

9 thoughts on “Arkansas – 2002 (Governor)”

  1. President Infinity 😉 I mixed that up, sorry. The category is now correct.

  2. Ron Sheffield, who was a former member of the Arkansas State Supreme Court, and African-American was Fisher’s running mate in 2006. Halter didn’t run till 2006, FYI.

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