Election 1976 A Country Betrayed

United States – 1976 – A Country Betrayed


The year is 1976. Gerald Ford is President. However, no one elected him. He is a product of Watergate. A scandal that has left Americans disgusted with American politics.

The Democrats senses an opportunity. A large field of candidates has entered the field. However, can the understand the power of the primaries? Jimmy Carter an unknown outsider from Georgia seems to have noticed them. Or will the last minute candidacies of Frank Church and Jerry Brown succeed?

Further, Ford is being challenged on the right by Ronald Reagan.

The fate of the country is in your hands. Can you rewrite history? Restore American Democracy?

Enjoy and let me know if you have any tips or comments!


**Note McCarthy the independent is not available as of now. I was unable to add him. This was due to an error on the Party tab in candidateditor. I will add him if demand is intense. Or if someone has any advice or will do it, I would be grateful.


16 thoughts on “Election 1976 A Country Betrayed”

  1. Whenever I click on Parties on the campaign editor (I was trying add a spectator party), I get the error “Access violation at address 004D2504 in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000018.”

  2. @liz To install the game select the blue text.
    Then right and select show in folder.
    Click on the zipped folder and find a second folder with no zipper on it.
    Copy this folder and then add it to user scenarios.

    @Edgar Yeah that’s the problem with this scenario. I used an old 1980 scenario as the base and it came like that.

  3. I wanted people to know that i’m looking at starting a new project.

    Currently i’ll be working on three projects:

    1. Gary Johnson 2020 (Somehow Gary becomes President)
    2. House of Cards 2016 (A realistic as possible model of the House of Cards 2016 election)
    3. 1996 ( A standard Dole vs. Clinton affair)

    I will be starting a thread for 1996 for advice and suggestions.

    Please keep me posted with results from this scenario.

    Also I want to see if someone can pull off Spiro’s Revenge.


    Bury Goldwater

  4. Hahah “Little Marco Celebrates Fith Birthday”, some funny shit there 😉

    P.S go for a Clinton/Dole 1996 scenario.

  5. Theres a problem with George Wallace surgrate , when you click on her she wouldnt load. I changed her ID and that fixed it (I think she shares someone else ID as she ID name is Alan Crayson)

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