United Kingdom – 2010: Infinity Edition

leaders_debate_1621999cUnited Kingdom – 2010: The Infinity Edition

Hello all, after much work I am very proud to announce the first release of my very first scenario created publicly: the UK General Election of 2010 for PMI! Now, with all of the constituencies compared to other games, PMI scenarios take a lot of time to create, but luckily with Prime Minister Forever I was able to base much of this scenario off of that one and cut the time down significantly. As I said earlier, these particular scenarios do take a lot of time and commitment, but it is definitely worth to look at what you’ve created at the end and encourage others to give it a go.

Download Here: United Kingdom – 2010 1.1.0

Moving on to the scenario itself, the main things I have done:

1.1.0 Release:

  • There were a couple constituencies with the wrong values for third parties, notably Blackburn. This has been corrected.
  • The Respect Party is added with candidates!
  • Respect Leader Salma Yaqoob and alternate leader George Galloway added.

1.0.0 Release:

  • Added Conservative candidates: David Cameron, David Davis, Liam Fox, Kenneth Clarke, and Michael Howard
  • Added Labour candidates: Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Harriet Harman, John McDonnell, Tony Blair
  • Added Liberal candidates: Nick Clegg, Chris Huhne, Vince Cable, David Laws, Charles Kennedy
  • Added SNP candidates: Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon
  • Added Green candidate: Carolina Lucas
  • Added UKIP candidates: Malcolm Pearson, Nigel Farage
  • Added Nick Griffin and the BNP.
  • Added regional parties and leaders.
  • Changed Lib Dem organization from 1 -> 2 in all constituencies.
  • Finished the percentages and candidates of all 650 seats.

One of the other things I will have to finish will be to change the populations of the constituencies from 2015 to 2010, deal with balancing, ect, but I feel that it is at least good now for a sort of beta release. If you feel the need to correct a mistake in this scenario, balances, a policy correction on a candidate, suggestions, or whatever, feel free to tell me and I’ll do my best to deal with it. Last but not least, please enjoy this scenario!

5 thoughts on “United Kingdom – 2010: Infinity Edition”

  1. Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve worked on this since I first released it, but I recently got the nerve to update it, fixing some constituency values and adding the Respect Party. Enjoy!

  2. hi @Prussian1871… you future make others elections of UK and others countrys?? to PI,PMI,etc

  3. Hello victorraiders,

    I’ve have had the thought before to work on more scenarios in PMI such as more British elections or scenarios for different countries. One of the reasons I was able to bring 2010 to PMI was that I was able to pull a lot of the data for constituencies and such from the demo of PMF 2010 then entered it into PMI. This was a million times either then the alternative, which would have been to look up the support for every candidate in every constituency off wikipedia and then guesstimate an appropriate % to put in. Had I not had the first option, this scenario likely would not have been created at all. While I’ve looked at options such as 2005, I’ve been unable to do this on the demo as well as other scenarios. If I could find a way, I’d be capable of recreating a lot of user-made scenarios from PMF. I feel that a lot of good, creative work was put into PMF scenarios and that unfortunately didn’t really carry over to PMI and it’s somewhat of a shame this is the only other scenario.

    I could talk to the administrators about this and see if there’s a way I could make other scenarios based off of PMF such as this one without having to purchase an out-dated predecessor with the sole purpose of just examining data and shifting that to PMI. Breathing some life into PMI’s custom scenarios, especially now that it’s getting updates again, could do it some good.

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