2000 Election- Gore v. Bush


United States – 2000 (v 2.1)

Such a historically significant election needs an updated and expanded scenario.  So here it is.  Right now I have the following parties and candidates:


  • Al Gore (on)
  • Bill Bradley (on)
  • Howard Dean (off)
  • Paul Wellstone (off)
  • John Kerry (off)
  • Joe Lieberman (off)
  • Bob Kerry (off)
  • Jesse Jackson (off)
  • Joe Biden (off)
  • Lyndon LaRouche (off)
  • Hillary Clinton (off)
  • Wesley Clark (off)
  • Warren Beatty (off)
  • Bob Graham (off)
  • Ted Kennedy (off)
  • Evan Bayh (off)


  • George W. Bush (on)
  • John McCain (on)
  • Steve Forbes (on)
  • Orrin Hatch (on)
  • Alan Keyes (on)
  • Gary Bauer (on)
  • Elizabeth Dole (off)
  • Dan Quayle (off)
  • Lamar Alexander (off)
  • John Kasich (off)
  • Bob Smith (off)
  • George Pataki (off)
  • Donald Trump (off)
  • Herman Cain (off)
  • Jeb Bush (off)
  • John Ashcroft (off)
  • Fred Thompson (off)
  • Newt Gingrich (off)
  • Mike Huckabee (off)
  • Rudy Giuliani (off)
  • Bob Dornan (off)
  • Trent Lott (off)
  • Jack Kemp (off)


  • Ralph Nader (on)


  • Pat Buchanan (on)
  • Donald Trump (off)


At the moment, I am focusing the most on adding a large array of candidates.

Feedback is always appreciated.  I know issues need to be fleshed out more.  (Input on this aspect is what I am the most interested in)

*Last update: 11/4/2015*

Version 2.1

  • Added a few more VP possibilities
    • GOP
      • Sen. Chuck Hagel
      • Gov. John Engler
    • DEM
      • Sen. Sam Nunn
      • Gov. Jim Hunt
  • Issues/Scandals
    • Campaign Finance Reform -> Campaign Finance
      • Scandals now apply
    • Integrity
      • Scandals now apply
  • Universal Shift for %’s is now the same for both parties.  (was 1% D and -1% R)

Version 2.0

  • Adds Jack Kemp and Evan Bayh as candidates
  • Adds Colin Powell and Tom Harkin as VP choices
  • Ads can now run for 7 days
  • Added more Primary start dates.  You can now start on the first of any month from July-December 1999.
  • Added a few new endorsers.  They are as follows:
    • Mayor Sarah Palin
    • Rep. John Thune
    • Fmr. Gov. John H. Sununu
    • Speaker Dennis Hastert
    • Fmr. Sen. George Mitchell
    • House Minority Whip David E. Bonior
    • Fmr. Speaker Tom Foley
    • Fmr. V.P. Walter Mondale

Version 1.6

  • This update sets the issue position for all candidates.  This was the main focus of this update.
  • A couple very minor starting % changes.
  • A couple minor candidate attribute adjustments.

27 thoughts on “2000 Election- Gore v. Bush”

  1. Looks great! If you want to add possible candidates, for Democrats Howard Dean, John Kerry, Bob Kerrey, Paul Wellstone, Duck Gephardt, Jesse Jackson, and Warren Beatty all looked at challenging Gore and could be off candidates. Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman could also be added as off candidates due to their prominence at the time.
    For Republicans, Lamar Alexander, John Kasich and Bob Smith ran briefly and could be added as off on default. Other what-if candidates could be John Ashcroft, Jeb Bush, Newt Gingrich, Christine Todd Whitman, Connie Mack, J.C Watts, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Kemp, Trent Lott, George Pataki, Fred Thompson, Jim Gilmore, Colin Powell, and Dick Cheney. Donald Trump could be both a what-if Republican and Reform Party candidate. All of these options are plausible and could make the scenario even more interesting!

  2. Don Nickels and Mike Huckabee are also Republicam what-if options. Wesley Clark and Madeline Albright could be Democratic what-ifs as well

  3. It’s awesome!
    Lamar Alexander, John Kasich, Frank Keating and Tom Ridge could be possible VP candidates for the Republicans.

  4. Forgot about Albright, I hadn’t looked to much into her background. All the others still fit though.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I have updated with a fix to the Alaska problem on election night. With that, I added 6 new candidates. I will be adding several more shortly.

  6. Looks awesome so far! I feel that some of the new Democratic candidates could have their attributes improved, I don’t think they’d all have 2 stamina and no other improved characteristics depending on who thy are. Also, the more Republican candidates the better, because I’d love to see a full election without Bush if he never pursued office, so Jeb Bush and the rest of the serious Republicans who didn’t enter could all plausibly be added. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when it”s done!

  7. The update looks great so far.
    Only thing: Sen. Joe Lieberman isn’t a democratic VP option anymore….

  8. Adding Colin Powell as a VP and President candidate (Possibly also as an independent.) Also John Danforth, Jack Kemp and Tom Ridge are good possibilities.

    The Dems should probably have Carol Mosley Braun, Evan Bayh, and Joe Lieberman as possibilities.

    Otherwise, it’s a great scenario! I had a load of fun!

  9. I just uploaded 2.0.

    *As a note, my numbering system is fairly straight forward. The first number changes when there is a major change to the game in regards to ads, starting dates, coefficients, fundamentals or anything else that I consider to be “comprehensive.” The numbers after that change with smaller changes. Smaller changes include: Just adding candidates, endorsers or minor changes in %’s and such. In other words: the first number represents changes that affect the game as a whole. The other number(s) represent(s) changes to individual candidates. (even though those changes to those candidates could affect other candidates.)

  10. @Nick lol, I guess the problem with that would be that he died in January 1998. Maybe his wife Mary as an endorser though. (She took over his House seat when he died and served till 2013.)

  11. You could add Gov. Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and Gov. Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin.

    And why not Pat Buchanan as an alternate Republican candidate.

  12. You should consider adding Jesse Ventura, Dean Barkley, Tim Penny, and Angus King as possible running mates for the Reform Party, specifically for Trump as I suspect he would pick someone a bit more high profile if he ran in 2000.

    You should also consider adding the Constitution Party as an optional third party.

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