Australia – 2004

Australia – 2004

created by: ScottM

As the year 2004 and the third term of the Howard Government come to a close, an election looms. Many issues of domestic and foreign policy divide a polarised electorate … and, in a post-September 11 world, the spectre of international terrorism is always present.

5 thoughts on “Australia – 2004

  1. Great scenario, good work. Do you plan on making more Australian scenarios?

  2. I probably will eventually, but Canada 1993 is on the top of my priorities list right now.

  3. For Canada 1993 could you possibly add smaller political parties like the Greens into the scenario.

  4. for Canada 1993 is it possible you could add smaller political parties like the Greens to the Scenario.

  5. The Canada 1993 scenario will have the Liberal, Progressive Conservative, New Democratic, Reform, Bloq Quebecois, and National parties, plus independent candidates.

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