United States 1964 – A Time For Choosing

After the tragic assassination of beloved President John F. Kennedy, VP LBJ finds himself at the helm. Fortunately for Johnson, the Republicans look poised to nominate Barry Goldwater, a firebrand Senator from Arizona known for his very conservative views and frequent foot-in-mouth coments. But could a primary challenge from the more charismatic, better known former actor Ronald Reagan improve Republican chances?

United States – 1964 – A Time For Choosing


3 thoughts on “United States 1964 – A Time For Choosing”

  1. theirs a bit of a mistake Johnson won all of the states
    except for the rural south won also the great plains handily
    and Also George Wallace ran against Johnson
    but says at wikepedia and during the 1964 Election the Economy unemployment rate was around 4.5 the economy was very strong on the issue of you were to type it correct was
    Vietnam but the powerful events was the Daisy Ad against Goldwater which mired him to deep for his loss

  2. Interesting Scenario. It should be noted that Goldwater was in the primary challenging Nelson Rockefeller, James Rhodes, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (though he later withdrew), and William Scranton.

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