Germany – 1990

Chancellor Forever 2009

Authors: Treasurer of the PC, Matvail2002, and GOP Progressive


On the 3rd of October 1990, history was made as East and West Germany reunited after 45 years. Chancellor of West Germany, Helmut Kohl, took the initiative of presenting a 10-point plan for unification after the historic fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This led to the fall of the East German Communist Government, neogotiations with the former Allied Powers and Soviet Union to allow unification. Kohl’s CDU/CSU wants to ride the wave of patriotism with a quick fix, but the SPD have pledged a more cautious approach to reunification, and have warned about future economic diversification between the 2 states. The FDP are once again the main playmakers over forming a coalition government, and the Greens are campaigning on the environment over reunification.

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