United States – 2016

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: Jay Everington

(EDIT: Version 3.0 added; previous versions had errors)

United States – 2016

Description: “After Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012, both parties are set to nominate brand new candidates, ensuring a fresh face in the White House for the next four years. Can the democrats win a third consecutive term or will the republicans take back the White House?”

17 thoughts on “United States – 2016”

  1. Thanks for making this. A few problems. Clinton is way too strong and gets about 400 EV or more every election, winning 50 % aof all southern states. Also GOP candidate has wrong color in the general, they have their primary color.

  2. Not sure why Clinton is so strong. I’ll have to play with the percentages a little. I never had that problem myself.

    And I’m not sure what’s up with the GOP color thing. I don’t get why their primary color is showing; it wasn’t doing that before.

  3. Okay, still a whole bunch of problems!

    1) All Republican and Democratic candidates have the same primary color (except Christie).
    2) The convention does not work. The Republicans had a 3 way tie (Jindal, Christie, Thune), and none of them withdraws leading to 4 candidates actually runnining in the General Election. However, on the campaign map it looks to be fine in the general, but when you reach election day it is still all messed up with 3 republicans and 1 democrat (in this scenario).
    3) The colors are still messed up, as candidates keep their primary colors when the election results are displayed.

  4. Yeah, I’ve realized this wasn’t ready to post yet. I got several good simulations early-on and thought it was, but it’s obviously not.

    The color issue is odd. I changed the colors to all the same for the primaries simply because once they got to the general election they were all keeping their primary colors instead of the party colors. Still not sure why that happened.

    Also have no clue why the conventions aren’t working, but I also noticed that problem.

    I may just start from scratch on this one. I think something is wrong with this file or something because these almost seem like glitches to me.

  5. Let us know if you update it! I do appreciate someone taking their time to make a scenario and uploading it!

  6. This scenario has tremendous potential, but there are many technical problems. Others have addressed those (see above), and I have nothing to add to that discussion. I do, however, have a couple of comments about your scenario itself:
    1. Where is Joe Biden? The sitting VP has to be considered a potential candidate, and a strong one. He’d have the name recognition, the fundraising connections, and the experience necessary to be a strong candidate. Even with his age issues (which will probably preclude him from running), he is a viable candidate.
    2. Hillary Clinton is probably not a 4 stamina. She’ll be 69, and I don’t think anyone who’s 69 can be rated more than a 3 stamina. Another note about Clinton: she probably doesn’t start with $86M.
    3. Cuomo DEFINITELY doesn’t start with $96M. That figure is WAY too high.
    4. Do you have anything to back up the idea that Schweitzer is a near-perfect candidate, scoring 5s on all but three things (and scoring 4s on those)? Also, no way in hell does he start with $76M. I mean, he’s from Montana for God’s sake…
    5. I personally don’t think Mark Warner runs. He didn’t run in 2008, and I think he doesn’t run in 2016. But it’s worth putting him in, just like you’d put in Biden.
    6. Kirsten Gillibrand is more than a 3 charisma. She’s less than a 3 experience. And she sure as hell doesn’t start with $86M–not when Clinton and Cuomo are running.
    7. Beebe doesn’t have $66M, and is probably too old to run. There’s no compelling reason to put him in the game (and I like the guy).
    8. Bob Casey is not running for president. He has no business in this game.
    9. Ditto for Kay Hagan.
    10. You’ve underrated O’Malley charisma and leadership, I think. And you’ve got him with WAY too much money (like many of the others).
    11. Christie’s leadership and charisma are underrated here.
    12. You’ve got Jindal’s leadership and charisma backwards.
    13. Bob McDonnell is not a 3 experience. One term as governor of Virginia is not an average amount for a presidential candidate.
    14. Ryan’s not running.
    15. Brownback’s not running.
    16. Ayotte’s not running in 2016 (she’ll run, just not this soon).
    17. Lincoln Chafee has no business being in this game, unless that’s some sort of personal joke. I happen to think the same for Bloomberg–the guy would be over 70 years old–but he’s at least feasible.
    DESPITE all this criticism, it’s a very good setup. Work out the technical problems, and you’ve got a very good scenario on your hands.

  7. This was absolutely fantastic to play. I agree there were some minor issues, but they were just that… minor. This was a ton a fun and I really appreciate you working on it.

    About the conventions, I think that the convention date for all parties has to occur PRIOR to the “General Election Starts” date. I moved all of the convention dates to July 7-9th with decision day being on the 9th for all three parties, The conventions worked just fine.

  8. When is this going to be updated? Also, you should definitely add Rand Paul.

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