Florida Senatorial 2010


With the retirement after one term of Republican Florida Senator Mel Martinez, and former Republican Governor Jeb Bush, who may have been allowed to run in the GOP primaries unopposed, decision not to run, sitting Governor Charlie Crist, who received the RNSC endorsement, and State House Speaker Marco Rubio, seemed the two most likely GOP candidates till, suffering low polls, Crist withdrew from the primary and is now running as an Independent. Also, a heated Democratic primary rages. Who will emerge victorious as Senator?

Author: Patine

One thought on “Florida Senatorial 2010”

  1. Two problems. Firstly, the endorsers are ridiculously powerful, leading to hundreds of CPs even months after the endorsements have been received. By contrast, barnstorming is useless except for adding momentum. Secondly, why does the game start so early? I spent a good hour getting up to August… then I realised that it was August 2009, and there were still another 52 weeks before the actual primary. Groan. At this point I gave up.

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