Northern Ireland – Normalised – 2007

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Northern Ireland - Normalised - 2007
Northern Ireland – Normalised – 2007

“In the late 1980’s, a campaign began in Northern Ireland that protested all British political parties should contest in Northern Ireland in Westminster elections and future Stormont Assembly elections. This was initially unpopular, however, as the troubles became more uncontrollable, fingers were beginning to be pointed at the NI political parties for helping to drive a split between Catholic and Protestant citizens to a worse extent. Both sides of the divide were held resposible. The Ulster and Democratic Unionists were soon abolished for their increasingly right wing attack on NI independence from the UK while, Sinn Fein promoted terrorism as plausible to achieve a united Ireland. Soon, a more moderate Conservative and Labour party to take over, and the threat to the Nationalist parties to merge together and reform or Sinn Fein politicans will face expulsion.”

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