Ocia – 2009

Chancellor Forever

Author – GOP Progressive


Ocia - 2009
Ocia – 2009

From the scenario designer: “Ocia is a Yugoslav-majority country bordering both the Adriatic and the Mediterranean with a strong social democratic tradition. Since the fall of Communism within the surrounding region, it has become a world leader in tourism, economic growth, and social development.  However, the ruling Social Democrats have been toppled by a vote of no confidence from their coalition partners.  Can the opposition parties stage a comeback or will the Social Democrats remain in power?”

3 thoughts on “Ocia – 2009”

  1. I’ve played this scenario for a solid 2 years now and I have never for the life of me even come close to a minority government as the SDP. I’ve even entered election day with a solid 8 point lead with positive momentum and faced a drubbing.
    frustration is always inbound.

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