New Jersey Gubernatorial 2017

UPDATE 10-29-17: Fixed minor parties which were still using primaries
I disabled primaries. I tried fixing them using a popular primary vote but kept getting crashes, even when going back to an electoral system.  Sorry, hopefully the bug-handling improves in later versions

New Jersey Governor 2017


UPDATE 10-22-17:

  • Added more independent candidates, such as the “Lower Property Taxes” party.
  • Modified the region vote percentages for more realism (combined results from 2013, 2009, and 2005 county results
  • Fixed issues: Removed some that don’t apply and adjusted some federal issues like budget

UPDATE 6-11-17:

  • Updated with primary election winners: Lt. Gov. Gim Guadagno (R) and Phil Murphy (D)
  • Added Libertarian, Green Party and Constitution Party nominees
  • Updated electoral vote (Huntington-Hill with 225 seats using “Wyoming Rule”)
  • Updated region percentages (30% NJ13, 35% POTUS16, 35% Senate14)
  • Added issues: NJEA (Teacher Union) & Bridgegate
  • Just for fun – added Andrew Wilkow from Sirius XM as an independent candidate 🙂

New Jersey Governor 2017