US Election 1980: The Comeback (A.H, Ford Wins 1976)

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This is an alternate-history campaign.

President Gerald Ford was narrowly elected in 1976, and since then has been President during an economic stagnation. Can the Republicans hold on, and if they do, will it be at the cost of Reagan becoming the nominee? The Democrats have finally secured Teddy Kennedy for the nomination, but can Kennedy do it? You decide.

Democratic Nominees:

Senator Ted Kennedy

Former Govenor George Wallace

Govenor Jerry Brown

Govenor Hugh Carey

Senator Gary Hart

Senator Adlai Stevenson III

Senator William Proxmire

Republican Nominees:

Former Governor. Ronald Reagan

Vice President Bob Dole

Former Representative George Bush

Former Govenor John Connally

Representative John Anderson

Ambassador Ben Fernadez

General Election:

Democratic Primary:

Republican Primary:

US Election 2008: Crossroad Of Crisis (A.H, Kerry Wins 04)

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign, where President John Kerry faces re-election.

Background: John Kerry narrowly won the Presidency in 2004, despite not winning the popular vote, due to a surprise, and narrow victory in Ohio. John Kerry’s presidency starts with relatively high hopes, due to him promising a peace deal in Iraq, by 2006. Kerry’s presidency quickly falls into disaster, and he proves to be the most unpopular president since Jimmy Carter. The Republican Party is home to an close primary due to the high likelihood of a Republican victory in 2008, and Ralph Nader is once again back, this time trying to rely on the populism of 2008, to propel his left-wing campaign.

Can Kerry and Edwards avoid the fate of Carter and Mondale, and win re-election?

Democratic Nominees:

John Kerry

Al Sharpton

Republican Nominees:

Mike Huckabee

Rudy Giuliani

Jeb Bush

Mitt Romney

George Pataki

Ron Paul

Herman Cain

General Election Screenshot:

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot: