1992 – The Giant Sucking Sound

My version 1.0 of the 1992 campaign!


At this point I have only included the 3 main candidates and their veeps. Of course I “backdated” the correct electoral votes.  Region percentages were taken from the real election data. I kept most of the main issues, removed some that are only for 2016.  Added two issues: NAFTA and Business Policy.

Future versions I will add more primary candidates.

President Infinity Sentinel’s 1992 Election – Alpha – Updated 3/22/2016

Sentinel’s 1992 Presidential Election for President Infinity – Alpha Version – V 0.03

I’m working on a historical (with ahistorical options) for the 1992 Presidential election. You can download and play the alpha version here. Please note that this is nowhere near complete. Many features from the 2008 Beta are still in this game.

Download Here: United States – 1992 3.22.16

What Is Done – 3/22/16 Update

-My apologies for not updating sooner! I will try to update more, but in the meantime the new version has the Republican primaries completed — at least the dates are. I haven’t found delegate counts yet but this will suffice. Note that some states did not have primaries in 1992 and they still do not in this scenario. There may be some other edits but I simply don’t remember them.

-Oh, it looks like I added some issues as well.

What Is Done (includes 11/27 Update)

-Added historical and a few extra Democratic and Republican candidates. (ISSUES ARE NOT DONE)

-Finished a lot of background numbers — electoral votes, 1994 state partisanship spreads (as best as I could allocate it). I used 1994 b/c I can’t find 1992.

-Finished all Democratic primary numbers. Note, the starting cash amounts for Democratic candidates is cash on hand on October 1st 1991.

-Started GOP primary numbers, still a work in progress.

-Messing around with an “unaffiliated voters” party just to see how it effects game dynamics

Also, I plan on adding a slew of characters, updated endorsers, updated issues, etc.


Download Here: United States – 1992 3.22.16