New: you can post your campaigns directly to . E-mail us here (include your desired user name, and your real name which will not be visible), and we will create an Author account on for you. You can then add scenarios, respond to comments, and update your scenario file directly.

FAQ for Authors

Once you have an Author account created, you can post your own campaigns and accompanying blurbs directly to .

How do I upload my campaign?

Once you have been sent an author name and password, log in by going to and clicking ‘Log in’ under Meta on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Next, click Posts on your Author screen, and click Add New.

Type your blurb and so on (try to hew to the standard format for existing campaign posts). Go to a new line and click the ‘Add Media’ button. Select the compressed (zipped) campaign file you have created, and insert it into the post.

How do I compress (zip) my campaign folder?

If you try to upload an entire, uncompressed campaign folder, it will be too large, and will be deleted. You need to compress it first.

To do this, find the campaign folder with your file explorer. In the Infinity games, just open the campaign and look at the path. In President Forever 2008 + Primaries, it will typically be something like C:>Program Files>President Forever 2008 + Primaries>Scenarios. In Windows, right-click on the campaign folder you want to upload (say, “United States 2020”) > Add to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

This will create a new file that contains the entire campaign in a compressed format. This compressed file is what you want to upload to your post using the Add Media button.

How do I make a screen pic and insert it in the post?

Start the game with your campaign. In Windows, click the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. Then go to a graphics program (like Windows Paint) and select Edit -> Paste.

To resize the image, find an online resizing program. (Here’s one, another, and yet another.) Resize to the standard dimensions for a campaign pic, which is 500 pixels wide.

Go to your post, and click the ‘Add an Image’ button. Select your image file.

How do I create a new category for the post?

Simply e-mail us here with the category name you want added, and we can then add it as an option. You can then add it as a category for your campaign.

I have a new version of my campaign, how do I update it?

Find the post in your Author page, by clicking Posts, finding the post, and clicking Edit on it. Add your new compressed campaign file to your post using the Add Media button. Then remove your old campaign from the post, and delete it from your Media Library.


If you don’t want the ability to post campaigns directly, we can do it for you.

If you have a campaign, send it to us here and we can post it. Include the following in your e-mail:

Game for which scenario is designed.

Scenario title.

Scenario description.

Author name.