2024 Presidental Election, “Continuing The Fight For The Soul of America” (BIDEN WINS 2020)

I’ve been working on this mod lately, its another 2024 scenario. In this scenario, Joe Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump. Early into his administration Biden decides to NOT run for another term.

Democratic Candidates: Kamala Harris, Ed Markey and, Andrew Yang.

Republican Candidates: Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Steve King, Tagg Romney, Tim Scott, Mike Huckabee and, Scott Brown.

Libertarian Candidates. Justin Amash, Jacob Hornberger, Jesse Ventura, Jo Jorgensen, Adam Kokesh, Tom Campbell, and, Nicholas Sarwark.

Green Candidates: Howie Hawkins and, Dario Hunter

Download the file DIRECTLY below!

United Kingdom – 2024


The twin effects of COVID-19 and a last-minute Brexit deal that satisfied no-one has polarised and divided British politics like no time before it. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s solemn promise to ‘Get Brexit Done’ was sufficient to hand him an 80-seat majority in parliament, which very quickly looked insecure with the triumvirate of the shambolic handling of the pandemic, the Russia Report, and good, old-fashioned sleaze and corruption.

Even so, it’s no simple task for a more centrist Labour under Sir Keir Starmer to boot the Conservatives out of office, despite the latter party’s abysmal popularity. Once a heartland, Scotland has increasingly become a single-party state in both Holyrood and Westminster.

SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon continues to agitate for a second referendum (especially post-Brexit) in order to rejoin the EU. In Wales, Plaid Cymru under Adam Price have been taking a similarly populist stance, and despite the principality voting with England to leave the EU, what was once a dormant and distant dream for independence has become a very real prospect. The two leaders, already on friendly terms, coordinate their efforts to ensure the UK election as a whole results in a hung parliament, thereby strengthening their collective hand.

The Brexit Party, their sole purpose fulfilled, have morphed into The Reform Party. Nigel Farage managed to agree a formal pact with Johnson that didn’t transpire on equal terms in 2019.

The Liberal Democrats, revived under the charismatic Layla Moran, reached out to Labour as one of her first acts in power that went much further than the ‘understanding’ enjoyed by Tony Blair and Paddy Ashdown in the run-up to the 1997 landslide. Despite their low base of seats, Starmer was shrewd enough to understand he needed both the Lib Dems’ and Greens’ support to make the numbers stack up. The price for coalition was PR to once and for all bring the UK into the 21st Century, becoming a truly pluralistic, representative democracy in the process.

Usually out of sight and out of mind, the battles in Northern Ireland take much more centre stage than usual, with calls for a border poll to reunite with the south. With only Sinn Féin unaffiliated with one of the duopolies, every single seat will matter in the ultimate struggle for supremacy!


I have changed every single aspect from the base file of 2019, except the constituencies and Endorsers. If you have any suggestions for the latter (especially websites/online media as opposed to print, please let me know!). Issues have been added such as transgenderism, UBI (Universal Basic Income), and BLM. (Black Lives Matter).

In the strictest sense, you can only win a majority as either Labour or the Conservatives… but in all the testing I did for this, very rarely did either reach the 326 threshold by themselves.

Republic of Albia – President – 2020

Martínez defeats Cartwright to win the Presidency!

The year is 2020….

…and the Republic of Albia is celebrating its 50th anniversary of being a Republic. It is also time to choose a new President, as the Hissenger era comes to a close. The Republic seems to be moving away from a more libertarian mindset to a more populist mindset. Doves feel confident that they can finally end the 14-year drought of not winning a Presidential election. Hawks are looking to continue their dominance in Presidential elections. Both parties are gearing up for a close election, but then…. GLOBAL PANDEMIC! The ROA is not sparred from the global crisis, and the consequences for the election are uncertain. Will Doves finally capture the Presidency for the first time since 2006? Will Hawks be able to nominate a strong successor to succeed the Hissenger era? Will COVID-19 send the election into a frenzy? Will vote-by-mail sway the race in any way? Will states break their traditional partisanship and vote for the other party? How will this race shape the next 50 years for the Republic? The future is in the hands of the people…

Happy Campaigning!

*****additional updates to this scenario may come at a later point******

North Dakota Senate 2018

Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp narrowly won her Senate race against freshman US Representative Rick Berg in 2012, even as Romney won the state by double digits on the Presidential level.

Heitkamp is in hot water now. With polarization increasing in the Trump-era, Heitkamp is trailing US Representative Kevin Cramer in polling. Can Heitkamp push a unique message to appeal to the voters one more time? or will Cramer tie himself to Trump to win in a normally Republican state?

You can also play as other characters from North Dakota Politics to make various alternate scenarios.
Kevin Cramer, US Representative (2013-)
Rick Berg, Fmr US Representative (2011-2013)
Kelly Armstrong, Chair of the ND Republican Party (2015-)
Doug Burgum, Governor of ND (2017-)

Heidi Heitkamp, incumbent US Senator (2013-)
Earl Pomeroy, Fmr US Representative (1993-2011)
Byron Dorgan, Fmr US Senator (1992-2011)
Kent Conrad, Fmr US Senator (1987-2013)
Mac Schneider, Minority Leader of the ND State Senate (2013-2016)

Three Congressional Scenarios

VA5 2020 – (D) Cameron Webb versus (R) Bob Good

Physician Cameron Webb takes on Republican Bob Good in Virginia’s 5th district. VA-5 voted for Trump in 2016, and voted for Corey Stewart by 2 in his landslide Senate loss in 2018. Bob Good defeated incumbent Congressman Denver Riggleman in the primary. Can Bob Good hold this traditionally Republican seat?

MN7 2020 – (D) Collin Peterson versus (R) Michelle Fischbach

Minnesota-7 voted for Trump by 31 points in 2016, but long-time Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson has held on. 2020 is likely to be his toughest race yet. He is facing former MN Lt. Governor Michelle Fischbach. Can he win?

VA9 2010 – (D) Rick Boucher versus (R) Morgan Griffith

In Virginia-9 long-time Congressman Rick Boucher is trying to win reelection to a seat he has held since 1983. He is facing Virginia State Delegate Morgan Griffith. This western Virginia seat voted for John McCain and has become heavily Republican on the Presidential level. Can Congressman Boucher survive the red wave to hold his seat, or will Griffith upset the long-time Representative in an anti-Obama wave.