Ultimate American Empire Senate 2020

This is tied into the UAE Presidential Election 2020

With the Presidential election underway the major two parties are seeing a pick-up in support, but the minor third parties are seeing a weakened Republican party in the South. With the Tea Party fielding their own senate candidates the Senate races in the south are expected to get interesting. Who will come out on top?

American History – Senate 2020

1964 Presidential Election

1964 Election

[Download version 1.0 here: United States – 1964]

1.0 release includes everything except for the events. Later releases will clear up any typos, errors, or anything else I overlooked.

For the Democrats, LBJ is the clear frontrunner, but faces a challenge from George Wallace, a conservative Southern Democrat. Additionally, a few favorite son candidates hope to hold their state’s delegates. What-ifs include John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Eugene McCarthy. Robert F. Kennedy is a VP option.

For the Republicans, the party sees two stronger challengers for the office: Conservative Barry Goldwater and moderate Nelson Rockefeller. Several other Republicans have an outside chance at taking the nomination from these two. What-if candidates include Richard Nixon.

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United States 1960 Election

The United States 1960 Election

Version 1.0 [download here: united-states-1960 ]

This campaign is as complete as the 1788-1956 scenarios, which means it will be update with further improvements, most specifically events, in the future. There are likely small errors that I missed in this inaugural version.

This election follows the relatively peaceful and prosperous presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, viewed by some as a rare progressive conservative.

Pres. Eisenhower reluctantly supports his VP, Richard Nixon, for his party’s nomination. However, the conservative Nixon has a challenger from the liberal Republican, Nelson Rockefeller, who give his wing of the party his name. Several minor candidates and a few what-if candidates are included.

The Democrats hope to take back the White House with four major candidates: Catholic Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy, the New Deal-ing Texan Lyndon B. Johnson, two-time nominee Adlai Stevenson, and the liberal nominee Hubert Humphrey. Several minor candidates and a few what-if candidates are included.

A 3rd party of unpledged Democrats is included in the game.

Please report any inaccuracies, errors, and constructive criticism. Thanks.

Republic of Texas 2026


In 2022, frontrunner and Tea Partier Ted Cruz won the Presidency. However, shortly after reaching the pinnacle of his political career, Texas’s economy plundered, and so did his approval ratings. Only 18 months into his Presidency, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 15% and Cruz has Texas on the brink of war with the United States, resulting in a very poor approval rating hovering around 25%. Because of this, many Tea Partiers have disavowed President Cruz and most members have ditched the party for the Republicans.  Even his Vice President, Ken Paxton, is considering a run against him.  The candidates are as follows:

Tea Party

  • President Ted Cruz
  • Vice President Ken Paxton (undecided)
  • Territorial Senator Debra Medina


  • Governor and former Vice President John Ratcliffe
  • Governor Scott Turner
  • Mr. Salem Abraham
  • Territorial Senator Blake Farenthold (former Tea Party candidate)
  • Secretary of Agriculture Sid Miller
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Wallace B. Jefferson
  • Territorial Senator Pete Olson
  • Governor Four Price
  • former U.S. Representative Will Hurd
  • former Texas State Representative and Speaker Joe Straus
  • Governor Glenn Hegar
  • Territorial Senator Jeff Leach
  • Territorial Senator Jason Villalba


  • former Governor Mike Rawlings
  • Senator Joaquin Castro
  • former Mayor of Houston Annise Parker
  • Governor Mary Gonzalez
  • Territorial Senator Borris Miles
  • Mr. Alex Mendoza

Blue Dogs

  • former Governor Ivy Taylor (former Progressive Party candidate)
  • Territorial Senator Filemon Vela Jr.
  • former U.S. Representative Pete Gallego

Reform Party

  • Mr. Ross Perot Jr.
  • Mr. Chris Keniston (off) (Perot’s running mate in 2022 and presumed running mate in 2026)

Texas Independent Party

  • Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell


  • Mayor John Ramsey
  • Mr. Rodney Caston

Green Party

  • Mrs. Kat Swift (former Progressive Party candidate)


Note:  This is my final Republic of Texas scenario.  My idea is that Joaquin Castro wins this election and, shortly thereafter, negotiates the annexation of Texas back into the United States.

Ultimate American Empire 2020



*Note this ignores the recent 2016 elections*

     The political climate of Obama’s presidency has caused a separatist movement of mostly Tea Party supporters to field their own candidates and have their own primaries. This along with Sen. Rand Paul joining the Libertarian party led to the loss of the Republican nominee Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin in 2016 to Fmr. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. A new party has recently captured the hearts of voters in the south, especially in Texas, known as the American Party. They have elected two Senators, One Governor, and a couple dozen Representatives since 2016.

     Now is the 2020 Election and Pres. Clinton is facing a tough field, she’s being challenged by members in her own party including one of her cabinet members, while the Republicans have done a good job recruiting some heavyweights to run. The Tea Party has  a pretty lackluster slot of candidates, but they do have the 2016 Republican nominee Sarah Palin. The Libertarians have Sen. Rand Paul once again, while the Green party is contested with Jill Stein being challenged by a strong contender. The American Party is running their first Presidential campaign. Clinton is getting help from pushing the passage of the 28th Amendment and the statehood of Guam and Puerto Rico. Will Pres Clinton win reelection, or lose to the Republicans, the Tea Party, or the Americans?


2020 Presidential Election

2020 Presidential Election [Version 4.0]

[Click here to download: united-states-2020v4 ]

Version 4.0 released! [Events complete for the primaries and general election. Joe Biden is added as a candidate for the Democrats. Money has been set for the primary candidates. Events have been altered to decrease the chance of a consistent Republican landslide.]

This election takes place during a high tide of populist fervor in America. Donald Trump’s presidency has proven to be as controversial as his 2016 campaign. While his Midwestern base is exceptionally happy, he has mostly alienated Republicans in other regions. Meanwhile, Democrats struggle between reformist establishment figures and populist progressives leading the party. Both parties continue to struggle with making their voters happy, while maintaining the stability and order that the establishment of both parties think is required for American supremacy.

Despite challenges from all sides of the Republican Party, Donald Trump is still the clear front-runner; although, he’s facing impeachment and threats of eviction from his party. For Democrats, Elizabeth Warren is a narrow front-runner over Cory Booker.

This is version 1.0. Future version will include even more events, more candidates, and some fine tuning. The scenario will possibly be updated until Anthony creates the official 2020 version.




2016 General Election Updates


Last summer, Trump was dismissed by some experts as “not a real candidate”, with a 2% chance of winning his party’s nomination. And although Clinton has been the Democratic frontrunner sine announcing her bid in April 2015, that a former first lady is running at all is still no small surprise. With both Trump and Clintons unfavorable ratings sky high third parties like the Libertarian and the Green party are making ground, can they capitalize and win the White House? Can Trump do the unthinkable?

AUTHOR: Jonathan Kudelka Original release date 6/17/16 

Over 100 hours of work


Now supports Version Ericson 2.4.8

Final 2016 ELECTION percentages Final 2016 Download

11/25/16 FEATURES

  • Austin Peterson changed to Austin Petersen
  • Made Events less powerful
  • Updated all 50 state 2016 results
  • New Start dates: September 10th, October 10th
  • Fixed players attributes
  • 2 New Events: FBI reopens email investigation, FBI concludes email investigation

Accurate 2016 percentages based on the final results:



Republican Donald Trump – VP Mike Pence (44.9%) 305

Democrat Hillary Clinton – VP Tim Kaine (45.5%) 229

Libertarian Gary Johnson – VP Bill Weld (3%)

Green Jill Stein – VP Ajamu Baraka (1%)

Undecided (5.2%)

Note: These percentages are the exact 2016 result



Accurate 2016 Green primaries based on the results: Correct delegate count, Correct primary settings

Green 2016



Accurate 2016 Libertarian primaries based on the results this includes: Correct delegate count, Correct Primary settings, Accurate voter turnout, All primary results are at the LNC convention in Orlando




  • 85 NEW LEADERS (Created by Jonathan Kudelka): John McCain (R) Michelle Obama (D) Michael Bloomberg (D) Newt Gingrich (R)Jeff Sessions (R) Jerry Brown (D) Jim Gilmore (R) Sam Brownback (R) Rick Scott (R) Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) Mark Everson (R) Allen West (R) Scott Brown (R) Jim DeMint (R) Mike Rogers (R) Steve King (R)Barack Obama (D) Al Gore (D) Lawernce Lessig (D)Lincoln Chafee (D) Condoleezza Rice (R) Nancy Pelosi (D) George Pataki (R) Russ Feingold (D) Michael T. Flynn (R) Mary Fallin (R) Dick Cheney (C) Austin Peterson (L) Glenn Beck (L) John McAfee (L) Herman Cain (R) Michael Badnarik (L) Bob Barr (L) Pat Buchanan (C) Bill Kreml (G) Rick Perry (C) Rand Paul (L) David Cobb (G) Cynthia McKinney (G)Bernie Sanders (G) Barbara Boxer (D) Joyce Beatty (D) Evan Bayh (D) Dan Quayle (R) Dennis Daugarrd (R) Rudy Giuliani (R) Mitch McConnell (R)  Reince Priebus (R) Ryan Zinke (R) Ron Johnson (R) Asa Hutchinson (R)Michael Mukasey (R) Darryl Perry (L) Marc Allan Feldman (L) Kevin McCormick (L)Sedinam Curry (G) Darryl Cherney (G) Kent Mesplay (G) Al Gore (G)Bernie Sanders (PSL) Tom Kovach (AP) Rocky De La Fuente (ADP) Darrel Castle (C) Scott Copeland (C) Scott Bradley (C) Mitt Romney (NTP) Jeb Bush (NTP) Gloria La Riva (PSL) Eugene Puryear (PSL) Tom Hoefling (AP) Farley Anderson (IAP) Chris Keniston (VPA) Deacon Taylor (VPA) Rod Silva (NP) James Hedges (PROHIB) Bill Bayes (PROHIB) Mike Dukakis (D) Bill De Blasio (D) Al Franken (D) Tom Perez (D)
  • 72 NEW VP’s (Created by Jonathan Kudelka): Joaquin Castro (D) Harry Reid (D) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (D) Bob Brady (D) Chuck Schumer (D) Tom Wolf (D) Howard Dean, (D)Mark Dayton (D) Jennifer Granholm (D) Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) Brendan Boyle (D) Mike Duggan (D) Luke Feeney (D) Xavier Becerra (D) Joseph Crowley (D) Bob Casey (D) James Clyburn (D) Andrew Gillum (D) Tom Harkin (D) Gwen Moore (D) Pat Spearman (D) Maxine Waters (D)Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Nita Lowey (D) Allison Grimes (D) Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) Chrisanta Duran (D) Jeanne Sheehan (D) Chris Murphy (D) Ruben Gallejo (D) Luis Gutierrez (D) Adam Schiff (D) Ruben Kihuen (D) Ted Lieu (D) Antonio Villaraigosa (D) Kasim Reed (D) Gavin Newsom (D) Marty Walsh (D) Bakari Sellers (D) Jason Collins (D) Jarren Collins (D)Eva Longoria (D) Tony Goldwyn (D) America Ferrera (D) Debra Messing (D) Lenna Dunham (D) Erika Andersen (D) Starr Jones (D) Katy Perry (D) Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) Charlie Crist (R)Ron Paul (R)Joe Lewis (D)Pete Sessions (R)Joe Kennedy III (D)Kevin McCarthey (R)Mimi Walters (R)Darin LaHood (R)Ken Salazar (D) Bill Nelson (D) Terry McAuliffe (D) Martin Heinrich (D) Claire McCaskill (D) Tom Vilsack (D) Chuck Hagel (D) Tulsi Gabbard (D) Ivanka Trump (R) Jan Brewer (R) Shelley Moore Capito (R) Deb Fischer (R) Paul Lepage (R) Marsha Blackburn (R) Jon Stewart (D) Ajamu Baraka (G)
  • 28 NEW ISSUES (Created by Zach, The Potato Walrus): Monetary Policy, Social Welfare, Pensions, Finance, China, Israel, South Korea, Religious liberty, Confederate flag, Corporate Taxes, Hillary’s emails, Fracking, Enhanced Interrogation, Cannabis, Death Penalty, Space, Supreme Court, Black Lives Matter, Minimum Wage, Political Reform, Nuclear Disarmament, War on Drugs, Obesity, Internet, Russia, Income taxes on Upper class, Income taxes on Middle class, Religion and Government (3 Issues in bold were created by Jonathan Kudelka)
  • THE ILLUMINATI SPECTATOR PARTY (Created by Jonathan Kudelka) Spectate secretly and control the outcome of the primaries and election with a high spinning attribute and 5 high spinning 300 point surrogates you can easily control the news media. Also The Illuminati has unlimited wealth so you can spy on all candidates and has the highest research attribute to research scandals on people you don’t want to win and control the spin. Note: I in no way shape or form want anything to do with the Illuminati,  this is for educational purposes only.
  • 36 NEW REAL LIFE EVENTS (Created by Jonathan Kudelka)
  • 23 NEW Interviewers
  • 8 3rd parties added with correct ballot access for 2016 (Created by Jonathan Kudelka)- Constitution Party, PSL, America’s party, Independent American Party, Veterans Party, American Delta, Prohibition Party, Nutrition Party added
  • 3rd PARTY BOOSTS (Created by Jonathan Kudelka)Rick Perry adds small boost nationally to Constitution Party (Cheney gives big boost) Bernie Sanders now adds major boost to the Green Party if he is the nominee Rand Paul given GE boost if he is the Libertarian nominee
  • Independent Evan McMullin added with VP Mindy Finn with correct ballot access
  • 2015/2016 primary voter turnout numbers added for each state
  • NEVER TRUMP PARTY EXPANSION SCENARIO (CREATED BY JONATHAN KUDELKA) Note: (Polling varies when the Never Trump party is turned on)
  • Candidates home state has been given a boost ranging on popularity (Govs get the biggest obviously)
  • New 3rd party leaders and vice leaders debate (No Republicans, Democrats, Libs, or Green) A new ALL leaders and vice leaders debate with all candidates invited
  • All 3rd parties that have ballot access as of 8/6/16 and are polling at least 0.1% (enough to play in this scenario) are in
  • NEW PRIMARY START DATE February 1st 2016 with 100% accurate polling state by state for Republicans and Democrats (Close real life race for Democrats Hillary Clinton 52% Bernie 48%)
  • Note: polling varies depending on different leaders, For example, Rand Paul (L) carries more votes than Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders (G) carries more votes than Jill Stein in Vermont and overall

Barack Obama 3rd term scenario playable

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