2020 US Election – Rubio Referendum (Rubio wins 2016)

*Inspired by “Conservative Elector 2″‘s “USA – 2020 (President Rubio)” mod*

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign.

Republican, and then Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio won in 2016, in a contested and tight election against Hillary Clinton. Both Rubio and Clinton faced divisive primaries, with Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders respectively representing the growing populist agenda of the American electorate. The Democratic Party has seemingly broken out into civil war, not seen since 1968. Many Sanders supporters see the Democratic Primaries in 2016 as plainly unfair, and resentment has been rising. Can Sanders himself win the Democratic Party, or will the moderate wing of the party, weakened by the retirement of Biden following a series of strokes, be able to defeat him? – Regardless, Rubio has been a popular President with his base, as well as being the youngest Republican President since Teddy Roosevelt. Rubio will be well positioned for a re-match, but growing divisiveness, and the surge of Covid-19 will make for a tight, and intense election.

Republican Candidates:

Marco Rubio

Donald Trump (alternate, turned off on default)

Democratic Candidates:

Bernie Sanders

Andrew Cuomo

Sherrod Brown

Elizabeth Warren

John Bel Edwards

Mike Bloomberg

Amy Klobuchar

Cory Booker

Jay Inslee

Brian Schweitzer

Wayne Messam (turned off on default for balance)

General Election Screenshot:

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

2010s-2030s Standard election arena.



Are you guys tired of most scenarios in the original game and on this site? yes, about 99% of them are INCORRECT and STUPID.

I’m here bringing you a whole new ass Scenario you will ever seen in your lifetime in this game.

The scenario cost me 4 months of making and fixing to make sure it’s GREAT to play.

So what will you receive in this scenario?

#1: It doesn’t base on any story.

This scenario doesn’t have a plot, you will play it as a NORMAL and STANDARD election between the political parties.

#2: The Characters:

You will get the political views as characters rather than some fictional character.

#3: The accuracy:

The data came from my 15 days of researching. The states leanings are based on the average of 2016-2020, the population is from 2020 census, the turn out is from 2020.

#4: The political issues:

I got a bunch of issues for you.
Each state (except the territories) has its own political leaning, they’re based on the real polls, the accuracy of the data is 90% correct. You can even make it as your political test to see which state will fit your political ideology. Just try it.
About 59 issues are waiting for you. FIFTY NINE ISSUES.

#5: The primary:

Yes, because this is a real playground for all political ideologies, so everyone will start will nothing and gain anything. Each state will equally vote for all candidates when the game starts, you will have to win it yourself.

CAUTION: Make sure you start the game with less than 18 bots in the game, the game can’t handle more than 18 for some reason. Remember it or it will crash.

And finally , this scenario is my first and my last post on this site about this game. Because I’m on my way removing this game from my PC. This game is f*cking trash, you pay money to see Trump get California and Hillary get Wyoming, wtf. Bugs, bad update, cringe scenarios, I paid $20 for this game and this game requires me to spend time to make a scenario myself just to have fun. It’s trash, everything is good about this game is its Election coverage system, somewhat better than a web game like Campaign Trail.

So, enjoy this scenario as my GOODBYE for it. I actually had fun with it, but it costs me depression before having fun.
I have a new game to have fun with, it’s The Political Process, only $15 and believe me, that cost is way too cheap for it, the game worth it. Try it and you will get what I say. It already has crack on many web sites, you can play it for free, but believe me, you will voluntarily want to buy the game after playing it. WORTH

Okay, have fun and goodbye.

Costa Rica 2022 Election Version 1.0

After a divided congress submersed into inaction, an unprecedent amount of corruption scandals that brought down the greatest national and local political figures, an all time unpopular president Carlos Alvarado, a global pandemic, historical unemployment levels, a rising debt. What will the Costa Rican people decide in an election marked by apathy, conspiracy theories, indecision, pessimism and a rise in alt right political extremism? Lets find out!

Download the ZIP file here!!

1996 US Election – Reform Referendum (Perot Wins ’92)

Compatible with 3.1.1

This is an alternate-history campaign.

Ross Perot came to power in the most unique situation, of any President in the 20th century. Perot won as a independent candidate in 1992, but since then has formed a national party, calling the the “Reform Party”. Perot initially had very high approval rating, but since then has slumped in popularity after, despite his promises, the country fell into legislative gridlock. Despite this Perot was able to reject NAFTA, and begin the phase of withdrawing American forces in Europe. Perot initially said he only wanted one-term, but in coming months has made more and more overtures about running for another term. Can Perot win a second term? And who will the Democrats nominate after a close 2nd place finish in 1992, can they win? Will the Republicans be further humilated after a third-place finish in 1992?

1992 US Election

Reform Candidates:

Ross Perot

Democratic Candidates:

Al Gore

Mario Cuomo

Jerry Brown

Evan Bayr

Lloyd Bentsen

Jay Rockefeller

Bill Clinton (alternate, turned off on default)

Republican Candidates:

Pat Buchanan

Lamar Alexander

Dan Quayle

Steve Forbes

Phil Gramm

Bill Weld

Bob Dornham

Alan Keyes

General Election Screenshot

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

2024 US Election – Making America Great Again, Again, Again (Biden wins in 2020)

(This is 2024 campaign, set in our own timeline, where Biden wins in 2020.)

Compatible with 3.1.1

The 2024 Election is set to be another deeply divisive election. President Joe Biden, despite earlier looking like he was going to enter the race, has decided not to run. The Democratic Field is occupied by many, but most notably Vice President Kamala Harris, and the ambitious Pete Buttigieg. Who can win? – The Republican field is much more simple, the President before Biden, Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of even the 2020 election, and is ready to “win for a third time”, facing a field including his own Former Vice President, Mike Pence. Can Trump win the primary, and ultimately win his second-term? Also in the fray, is independent candidate, and ex-Republican, John Kasich running a “moderate-conservative” campaign, can he prevent Trump in cementing his role as conservative leader? Who will win? You decide.

Democratic Nominees:

Kamala Harris

Pete Buttigeg

Beto O’Rourke

Raphael Warnock

John Fetterman

Mike Bloomberg

Republican Nominees:

Donald Trump

Mike Pence

Ted Cruz

Nikki Haley

Chris Sununu

General Election Screenshot:

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

United States – 2024 – (Biden Wins 2020) . zip: below

download link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UPBHCUCrxiVZEsA2GdlJHOAY5lFnmS9_/view?usp=sharing