Fallout: New Vegas Mayor 2282

After the battle of Hoover Dam, the City of New Vegas, made up of North Vegas, the Vegas Strip, Westside, Freeside, and Outer Vegas, declared itself free from NCR rule and decided to hold a mayoral election…

This is for all you Fallout fans who also like elections.



The Candidates…

Independent: The Mojave Courier

Casino Group: Swank, Marjorie, Cachino

Freeside League: James Garrett, The King, Gloria Van Graff

Westside Organization: Crandon, Tom Anderson, Clayton Ettienne

This mod is accompanied by the Congress Infinity mod called New Vegas City Council.

I will be posting sequels!

-General T Langill


1960-A time of Change

I will be making a 1960 presidential official election scenario do too release this week.

With help from Jonathen Kudelka,vcczar,jvikings2,conservative elector 2




-John F. Kennedy

-Lyndon B. Johnson

-Sturat Simington

-Hubert Humphrey

-Paul C. Fisher

-Robert B. Meyner

-Wayne Morse

-George Smathers

-Adlai Stevenson


-Richard Nixon

-George H. Bender

-James M. Lloyd

-Nelson Rockefeller

-Cecil H. Underwood


-Harry F. Byrd

Civil Rights:(off)

-Martin Luther King Jr.

What Ifs? All off

-Malcom X Civil Rights off

-Rosa Parks Civil Rights off

-JFK Civil Rights off

-Ronald Reagan Democrat off

-Strom Thurmond Dixiecrat off

-Harry F Byrd Democrat off

-Eisenhower Republican off

-Douglas MacArthur Republican off

-Robert Taft (died in 1956) Republican off

-Thomas Dewey Republican off

-Harold Stassen Republican off

-George Wallace Democrat/Dixiecrat off

-Pat Brown Democrat off

-Gerald Ford Republican off