2017 Virginia Governor Election

This is a scenario I made for the 2017 Virginia Governor Race. I decided to use the current Congressional map of Virginia as the boundaries for this scenario, since Virginia has waaaaaay too many counties and independent cities for me to deal with in one sitting (at least for the time being). This is still in the early stages (although most of the necessary features being there), and I plan to add:

  1. More endorsers
  2. More Candidates
  3. Events


1896 Alternate Version.

This is an alternate version of VCCzar’s 1896 Scenario, I’ve adjusted regional issue centers to make certain regions friendlier to certain candidates. For example, I made the South and West, more friendly to Pro-Silver, and Anti-Tariff candidates, and made New England more friendly to Pro-Gold, Protectionist candidates, to prevent situations like McKinley winning Alabama, and Bryan winning Vermont.

I’ve added The National Party, the Socialist Labor Party, and a default off Populist party.

What if the populist party nominated it’s own candidate for president rather than co-nominating Bryan? What if Silver Republican Senator, Henry Teller ran for President? What if Eugene Debs ran an election early? All these question and more, can be answered with this scenario.

Updated on June 16th 2019.

I fixed Seymour F. Norton’s attributes and platform from when I copied him over from William Jennings Bryan, I also added Virginian Senator, John W. Daniel, a noted supporter of the “Lost Cause of the Confederacy” myth, who historically declined to be nominated. I changed how many PIPs each candidate has,and finally, I added a “God Meddler” ‘candidate’ in the Simulation ‘party’, for if you want to influence the election.

United States – 1896 Alternate V1.5

Servo’s 2020 Campaign: 2020 Sovereignty or Socialism (version 1)


This is my attempt at a 2020 campaign. As a disclaimer, I am a right-leaning libertarian but tried to keep this scenario as fair as possible. If you notice anything that looks very wrong, let me know and I will research it for use in newer versions.

I’ve updated the issues, Governors, Senators, Primaries dates and delegate counts.

My Democrat list of candidates is up-to-date (I think) as of at least 18 seconds ago. Really, I’m running out of color combinations, that was the biggest problem!

I’ve added recent issues such as the Mueller Probe, The Border Wall, and The Green New Deal. I was going to do “Me Too” and/or “Jeremy Northam controversy”, maybe in the next version.

Since I like to have a little fun with this, I’ve added the Objectivist Party, and the Freedom Caucus, with of course Schultz running as independent, and the latest Libertarian slate. Libertarians have very few parties, almost all the delegate vote takes place at their Memorial Day Weekend convention, so all of the primaries occur at once for themServo75 Trump2020

Anyway, please take a look and enjoy!

Broken links

I have gone through all the old Canada campaigns and fixed broken links to campaign downloads.

If you find a campaign download that has a broken link, please let me know with a link to the post in the comments. I can then look at it and see if it can be fixed.