Australia – 1975

Australia 1975

A series of controversial decisions has culminated in Governor-General John Kerr’s dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam nad his appointment of Malcolm Fraser, who did not have a lower house majority, in his place. Though Whitlam’s supporters are furious, many voters are more concerned about his turbulent handling of the economy.

Playable parties are Liberal, Labor, National Country, Democratic Labor, and Independent – no alternate leaders as of now. I am more than happy to hear feedback and consider further changes!

Australia – 1975

Updated Australia 2010

Australia – 2010 updated

Author: ScottM

A snap election has been called after an internal coup d’etat against sitting Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Will new Prime Minister Julia Gillard be able to rehabilitate the Labor Party’s image, or will Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott and the Coalition be able to focus voters on unpopular Labor policies – and dethrone the new Prime Minister?