My Confederate Series – 1873

My Confederate Series – 1873

In 1867, General Robert E. Lee was elected President of the Confederate States. He chose to keep many members of the Davis administration, with Vice President Alexander Stephens being reelected and Secretary of War John C. Breckinridge being appointed Secretary of State. But on October 12, 1870, President Lee died from the effects of pneumonia shortly after suffering a stroke, elevating Stephens to the Presidency. President Stephens has chosen not to run for the Presidency in his own right, leaving Secretary Breckinridge as the front-runner to become the next President as the country’s economy seems to be taking a dive.  Candidates are as follows:


  • Sec. of State John C. Breckinridge
  • Sec. of the Treasury Robert M.T. Hunter
  • Spkr. Thomas Bocock
  • Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • Sen. Robert W. Johnson
  • Sen. Augustus Maxwell
  • Pres. Alexander Stephens (what-if?)


  • Fmr. Gov. Joe Brown
  • Sen. James W. Flanagan
  • Fmr. Sen. Joshua Hill
  • Rep. George Washington Logan


My Confederate Series – 1867

With President Jefferson Davis term-limited, the race to become the 2nd President is wide-open. However, three men have separated themselves from the pack: Vice President Alexander Stephens, Secretary of War John C. Breckinridge, and General Robert E. Lee. Can one of these men carry on Davis’s leadership and prevent the downfall of the Confederacy?  The candidates are as follows:


  • VP Alexander Stephens
  • Gen. Robert E. Lee
  • Sec. John C. Breckinridge
  • Sen. Robert M.T. Hunter
  • Fmr. Sec. Robert Toombs
  • Fmr. Sen. C.C. Clay Jr.
  • Sen. Louis Wigfall
  • Gov. Thomas Watts
  • Sen. Herschel Johnson
  • Att. Gen. George Davis
  • Gen. Joseph E. Johnston


  • Gov. Joe Brown
  • Sen. William Graham
  • Rep. George Washington Logan

My Confederate Series – 1867

New York City Mayoral Election 2017

new york city mayoral 2017

Despite dropping approval ratings, incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio is still the favorite to win the election.  Can he fight off challengers within his own party AND a republican candidate?  Candidates include:


  • Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • former Secretary Hillary Clinton (off)
  • Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
  • Comptroller Scott Stringer (off)
  • State Senator Tony Avella
  • former Detective Bo Dietl
  • former Councilmember Sal Albanese
  • former Secretary Shaun Donovan (off)
  • former Representative Harold Ford Jr. (off)
  • Public Advocate Letitia James (off)
  • Representative Hakeem Jeffries (off)
  • Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (off)
  • Mr. Don Peebles (off)
  • former Speaker Christine Quinn (off)
  • Mr. Josh Thompson
  • former Representative Anthony Weiner (off)


  • former Commissioner Raymond Kelly
  • Mr. John Catsimatidis
  • Councilmember Eric Ulrich
  • Mr. Paul Massey
  • Mr. Donald Trump Jr.
  • Reverend Michel Faulkner
  • Mr. Darren Aquino

Updates will be made to this scenario, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments


United States-2020 (v 1.8)

United States – 2020 (1.8)

After winning the 2016 in an upset, Trump faces some challenges from within the party and from outside of the party. The Democratic side is wide open after they experienced gains in Governorships and were able to keep the Senate at 52-48 in the 2018 midterms.

V 1.8

  • Colorado Governor is now Jared Polis
  • Connecticut Governor is now Dan Drew
  • Tennessee Governor is now Diane Black
  • New Issue
    • North Korea
  • A couple % changes for the general election
    • Basically only moved some of the margins for the “blowout” states
    • Turnout 65% –> 60%

V 1.7.8

  • Jim Justice is now the Republican Governor of West Virginia
    • Center -> Center-Right
    • Democrats 25 ->0
    • Trump 0 ->50
  • Nevada Junior Senator is now Jacky Rosen.
  • New Candidates:
    • Democrats
      • Rep John Delaney (ON)
    • Republicans
      • Sen Jeff Flake (OFF)
  • Removed a couple interviewers that are no longer on the air such as O’Reilly & Van Susteren
  • Jill Stein (Green) OFF -> ON

V 1.7.7

  • Governor of Massachusetts in the scenario is Charlie Baker, the incumbent Republican
  • Made a few % changes.
  • The following candidates are now “Off” by default
    • Rand Paul
    • Tom Cotton
    • Al Franken
  • No new candidates or issues in this update.  Hope to add a few more candidates & revamp issues in the next update.

V 1.7.6

  • Gov. Joseph P. Kennedy -> Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy
    • The Governor of Massachusetts in the scenario now is Gov. Jay Gonzalez
  • Made a few more changes to attributes and %’s.

V 1.7.5

  • Fixed bug in the Vice Leader ID for Duckworth allowing a Duckworth running mate and an additional Duckworth surrogate.
  • Added Endorser Charlie Sykes- Conservative Radio host from Wisconsin
  • Added Oprah Winfrey as a Democratic candidate

V 1.7.4

  • Fixes changes color, starting funds, attributes & %’s for Sen. Joni Ernst.

V 1.7.3

  • Alabama Junior Senator is now Luther Strange
  • Illinois Governor is now Christopher Kennedy
  • Res Tillerson is still an endorser but I have removed his surrogate.  If he is a sitting SOS he would be unable to hit the campaign trail for partisan purposes.
  • Gave Al Franken a bit of a boost in the Democratic primary.  His profile has risen over the first month of the DJT presidency and he already does have decent name recognition for a junior Senator of a medium size state.

V 1.7.2

  • This update fixes the endorser error
    • Big thank you to Anthony on this one

V 1.7.1

  • Sen. David Vitter -> Sen. John Neely Kennedy

V 1.7

  • This version adds a newspaper of record as an endorser for every state that didn’t already have one in the game (Iowa and New York).  This adds a total of 48 new endorsers.



  • President Donald Trump
  • Senator Jeff Flake
  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Governor John Kasich
  • Senator Rand Paul
  • Senator Joni Ernst
  • Senator Tom Cotton
  • Senator Ben Sasse
  • Actor Dwayne Johnson
  • Most of the remaining 2016 candidates and potential candidates are still there but turned off


  • Senator Kamala Harris
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Secretary Julian Castro
  • Governor Joseph P. Kennedy
  • Senator Cory Booker
  • Senator Martin Heinrich
  • Governor Steve Bullock
  • Senator Chris Murphy
  • Representative Tulsi Gabbard
  • Fmr. Secretary Jason Kander
  • Senator Al Franken
  • Miss Oprah Winfrey
  • Representative John Delaney
  • As with the GOP, I left in all of the (well almost all of) the 2016 candidates and potential candidates as “off”


  • Adam Kokesh
  • As with Dem & GOP, I left in all of the 2016 candidates and potential candidates as “off”


  • Winona LaDuke
  • Jill Stein

Republic of Texas 2026


In 2022, frontrunner and Tea Partier Ted Cruz won the Presidency. However, shortly after reaching the pinnacle of his political career, Texas’s economy plundered, and so did his approval ratings. Only 18 months into his Presidency, the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 15% and Cruz has Texas on the brink of war with the United States, resulting in a very poor approval rating hovering around 25%. Because of this, many Tea Partiers have disavowed President Cruz and most members have ditched the party for the Republicans.  Even his Vice President, Ken Paxton, is considering a run against him.  The candidates are as follows:

Tea Party

  • President Ted Cruz
  • Vice President Ken Paxton (undecided)
  • Territorial Senator Debra Medina


  • Governor and former Vice President John Ratcliffe
  • Governor Scott Turner
  • Mr. Salem Abraham
  • Territorial Senator Blake Farenthold (former Tea Party candidate)
  • Secretary of Agriculture Sid Miller
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Wallace B. Jefferson
  • Territorial Senator Pete Olson
  • Governor Four Price
  • former U.S. Representative Will Hurd
  • former Texas State Representative and Speaker Joe Straus
  • Governor Glenn Hegar
  • Territorial Senator Jeff Leach
  • Territorial Senator Jason Villalba


  • former Governor Mike Rawlings
  • Senator Joaquin Castro
  • former Mayor of Houston Annise Parker
  • Governor Mary Gonzalez
  • Territorial Senator Borris Miles
  • Mr. Alex Mendoza

Blue Dogs

  • former Governor Ivy Taylor (former Progressive Party candidate)
  • Territorial Senator Filemon Vela Jr.
  • former U.S. Representative Pete Gallego

Reform Party

  • Mr. Ross Perot Jr.
  • Mr. Chris Keniston (off) (Perot’s running mate in 2022 and presumed running mate in 2026)

Texas Independent Party

  • Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell


  • Mayor John Ramsey
  • Mr. Rodney Caston

Green Party

  • Mrs. Kat Swift (former Progressive Party candidate)


Note:  This is my final Republic of Texas scenario.  My idea is that Joaquin Castro wins this election and, shortly thereafter, negotiates the annexation of Texas back into the United States.

Austria – 1998 Beta


Hi guys, 🙂

there is it the next part of my historical series of Austrian elections. 1998 is ready to be downloaded and played by you.

Have fun any feedback is welcome. Next to do is 1992. 😀 Stay tuned for updates and new elections.


  • Austrian People’s Party with incumbent President Klestil (ON) – 5 possible candidates
  • Socialdemocratic Party (ON) – 2 candidates
  • Liberal Forum (ON) – 2
  • The Independents (ON) – 1
  • A local independent candidate (ON) – 1
  • Greens (OFF) – 1
  • Freedom Party (OFF) – 1
  • Christian Social Alliance (OFF) – 1
  • historical %s and dates
  • more endorsers
  • new issues

Austria – 1998 beta

*last updated 02/24/2016*

Interesting links for information:


Cheers, Luki!

Brazil – 2018

brasil 2018

Hello! After the 2014 election I bring you the 2018 election This is the first version in future updates will be added many more candidates. And a warning, since it is speculated that the 2018 election had broken the 1989 the record for the highest number of candidates, with so many options, many with strong electoral weight, the election is quite unpredictable and with a small difference between the winner and the next placed in all the tests I did.

PT (ON):
Pres. Lula (ON)
VP. Michel Temer (ON)
Sen. Aécio Neves (ON)
Gov. Geraldo Alckmin (ON)
Sen. Marina Silva (ON)
PP (ON):
Dep. Jair Bolsonaro (ON)
Joaquim Barbosa – no definite party (ON):
Supreme Court Pres. Joaquim Barbosa (ON)
PV (ON):
Sen. Álvaro Dias (ON)
Dep. Ciro Gomes (ON)
Sen. Ronaldo Caiado (ON)
Pres. Fernando Collor de Mello (ON)
Dep. Luiza Erundina (ON)
Dep. Luciana Genro (ON)
Sen. Cristovam Buarque (ON)
Dep. Marco Feliciano (ON)
Levy Fidelix (ON)
Zé Maria (ON)
Eymael (ON)
Mauro Iasi (ON)
Rui Costa Pimenta (ON)
Questions, suggestions and opinions are welcome!

Brazil – 2014


Hello! I worked lately in the Brazilian Presidential Election 2014. Some things are made, others still need to be worked, etc., but the initial launch is ready.
Anyone who has criticism or opinions do not hesitate to give them, this is the first election I do. The game map is not very pretty.

Edit: The map was updated, my sincere thanks to Patine!

Edit 2: Added two smaller parties (PCB and PCO) and some candidates of the PT and PSDB. Add Mr and Mrs. for candidates without jobs. Next election year is 2018, I’m at work.

Edit 3: Two more off parties added (PTB and PP). New candidate for the PSDB, PSOL and PMDB.

Parties have added:

PT (ON):
Pres. Dilma Rousseff (ON)
Pres. Lula
Sen. Marta Suplicy
Sen. Eduardo Suplicy
Gov. Jaques Wagner
Sen. Humberto Costa
Sen. Gleisi Hoffmann
Sen. Lindbergh Farias

Sen. Aécio Neves (ON)
Gov. José Serra
Gov. Geraldo Alckmin
Pres. FHC
Gov. Antônio Anastasia
Gov. Beto Richa
Sen. Aloysio Nunes

Sen. Marina Silva (ON)
Gov. Eduardo Campos (Died in campaign)
Dep. Romário
Dep. Beto Albuquerque

Dep. Luciana Genro (ON)
Sen. Randolfe Rodrigues
Sen. Heloísa Helena
Dep. Plínio de Arruda Sampaio
Dep. Marcelo Freixo

Pastor Everaldo (ON)
Dep. Marcos Feliciano

PV (ON):
Dep. Eduardo Jorge (ON)

Levy Fidelix (ON)

Zé Maria (ON)

José Maria Eymael (ON)

Mauro Iasi (ON)

Rui Costa Pimenta (ON)

VP. Michel Temer
Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezão
Mayor Eduardo Paes
Pres. José Sarney
Gov. Roseana Sarney
Sen. Renan Calheiros
Dep. Eduardo Cunha
Sen. Romero Jucá
Sen. Eunício Oliveira

Pres. Fernando Collor de Mello

Dep. Paulo Maluf
Dep. Esperidião Amin

Two parties that launched candidates in 2014 have not yet been added. Also I intend to add more possible candidates. Any errors, inaccuracies or something like that let me know.

Brazil – 2014 3

1972 – Communists


United States – Communists

The Communists are the popular party. The traditional parties have had a bad four years. Will the Republicrats be able to retain control? or will the Communists take over and start to put in their policies? The Communists have won control of both houses in the mid-term elections. There are many openings on the Supreme Court. If a Communist wins, there will be a majority of pro-Communist judges on it. Can someone stop the Communist wave or will the US turn into a Communist nation?


Ronald Reagan (on)

Richard Nixon (on)

Hubert Humphrey (on)

Nelson Rockefeller (on)

George Romney (on)

George Wallace (on)

Update 1.1: added Hiram Fong (on-favorite son candidate)

Update 1.4: adjusted some of Fong’s numbers

Jim Rhodes (on-favorite son candidate)

Update 1.2: added Stephen Young (on-favorite son)


Gus Hall (on)

Update 1.1: added Charlene Mitchell (off)

Update 1.2: Added Jarvis Tyner (off)

Update 1.4: Added Evelyn Reed (off)

Centrist Party (off):

Update 1.2: Added Centrist Party

Added George McGovern (off)


Update 1.2 Added Observation Party

Update 1.3: Fixed some data dealing with the Observation Party as well as its bio.

Update 1.3: Corrected Electoral Vote numbers