California Gubernatorial 2018

California Governor – 2018

Author: Anthony


The last time California had an open election for the Governorship, it became the most expensive statewide election in US history. With both the governor and senate seat up in 2010, the republicans were on the verge of actually winning some statewide seats. 8 years later after Jerry Brown 2.0, California still faces many problems that the growing electorate seems eager to simply find anyone who can make the state better. While California is difficult for a republican to win, a new crop of California GOP faces (something CA Republicans have not had in over a decade) look poised to put it back into play. But with democrats already having a full bench of experienced and top shelf names such as Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa and others running, can the republicans win the Governorship?

Notes — Many candidates have already declared their candidacy (mainly on the democratic side) and others are speculating a run and have been included regardless. Those already declared are on by default, those likely to run are also on by default, those genuinely on the fence are turned off for the time being, but feel free to use them. As time passes and the race develops I can continue to update if there is enough interest. Also I can do remakes of the 2010 versions of the CA Governor and Senate races if there is interest. This is my first so any and all feedback is appreciated.

Maine 2018 Gubernatorial Election

This is a scenario based on what might occur in the next election in Maine. The turnout numbers for each party are based on the voter count in the last election.

Republican Leaders:

Susan Collins: Senator from Maine

Michael Thibodeau: President of the Maine State Senate

Mary Mayhew: Commissioner of Maine Human and Health Services Department


Democratic Leaders:

Mark Eves: Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives

Janet Mills: Attorney General of Maine

Michael Michaud: Former U.S. Representative and 2014 Democratic Candidate


Libertarian Leaders:

Jim Bouchard: 2016 Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

Chris Lyons: Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Maine.


I might update this but we will see!

-General T. Langill

Alabama Gubernatorial 2018

NOTE: President Infinity Version 2.4.3 (Windows) or 2.4.4 (Mac) is required to play. screenshot_67

After four years under Governor Robert Bentley (R), now term-limited, rising stars on both sides push to be the nominee.


Update: Version 1.1 of the scenario as been released! The following changes have been made:

New Interviewers (due to being at the state level, I included TV stations:

  1. AL Reporter
  2. Left In Alabama
  3. WHNT 19
  4. WBRC- FOX 6
  5. ABC 30/44
  6. Newsmax

New Endorsers:

  1. Alabama Retail Association
  2. Home Builders Association Of Alabama
  3. Alabama Association Of Realtor
  4. Associated Builders and Contractors Of Alabama
  5. Tea Party Patriots Of North Alabama

Features includes:

  • Over 10 candidates.
  • All counties.
  • Accurate polling.
  • And more

1892 South Carolina Confederate Gubernatorial

1892 guber


White supremacist Demagogue Ben Tillman Is running for re-election. Can an aging popular former governor Wade Hampton III become Governor once again and defeat Tillman?

Confederate Democrat Primary:

  • Wade Hampton III
  • Hugh Smith Thompson

Confederalist Primary:

  • Ben Tillman
  • George Tillman
  • John Peter Richardson III
  • Johnson Hagood

Includes accurate issues, interviewers, endorsers

Endorsers include all playable characters, former Governors, Senators, former Senators, former and current Reps (Reps give momentum boost and foot soldier chance to their congressional district region counties, partial counties give partial momentum and foot soldier chance)

This is a Fictional scenario that goes along with my Confederate States Presidential Series

Note: The SC Constitution of 1868 still existed, but it was created after the war by the Confederacy. (Fictional)

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Arkansas – 2002 (Governor)

Hi my friends! 🙂

I’ve created a working Arkansas scenario.  Arkansas – 2002 (Governor) 2 <- UPDATE #2 is out! My good friend JohnnyK improved some things. 🙂


It’s the 2002 Gubernatorial election featuring Governor Mike Huckabee vs. State Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher. You are free to use it for your own Arkansas elections (Governor, Senate,…)

I plan to create other Arkansas scenarios too. If you want to help me, please message me in the forum. 🙂


  • Governor Mike Huckabee (R)
  • State Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher (D)
  • Write-in/Observation Party (ballot access only in Marion County (nearly 6 % write-in votes…)
  • Working County map of Arkansas
  • Accurate %s of 2002
  • Correct county population as given on Wikipedia
  • Correct Debate date.
  • Real slogans as Super PAC names
  • Surrogate Janet Huckabee and Bill Clinton
  • Correct county ids
  • Primaries
  • Lt. Gov. Winthrop P. Rockefeller (R)
  • Bill Halter as democratic running mate (D)
  • 2 new Democrats and 1 Republican challenger
  • Primary %s as given on Wikipedia

Update #2 by JohnnyK

  • Arkansas Interviewers
  • Accurate Arkansas Endorsers

To-do list:

  • Arkansas issues
  • Potential candidates
  • More surrogates

Have fun, I look forward to your feedback. 🙂

*Last update: 08/21/2016*

South Carolina Gubernatorial 2014 Beta

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.46.19 PM


Incumbent Governor Nikki Haley is seeking re-election can she fend off Democrat challenger from 2010 Vincent Sheehan again?

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What if candidates:

Former SC Gov. Jim Hodges (D)

Former Gov. Mark Sanford (R)

Former Gov. David Beasley (R)

Lindsey Graham (R)


  • All 46 Counties and logos
  • Accurete county populations and voter turnout
  • Primary mode option
  • New Issues Confederate flag, Religous Liberty
  • Every county has different views on each issue
  • New endorsers, (Mayors, Govs, News, etc.)


Arizona – 2014 (Governor)


Hi guys,

I’ve created the Gubernatorial Election of Arizona 2014. Have fun, any feedback is welcome. Stay tuned, as it is the first beta version.

I didn’t make the map, I found it in an old game and I am quite interested into the State of Arizona, so thus made this scenario. I do not know who made the map, but I would like to thank you. 🙂

P.S. everyone is allowed to use this as a basis for another Arizona scenario. I look forward to play them. 😀

Thanks, Luki (CE 2)

Arizona Gubernatorial – 2014

*last updated 01/26/2016*