Fictional US election with Austrian candidates


Hi guys,

I started another fictional scenario. Austrian possible candidates for our presidential election next year in a US map.

Note: Don’t play the primaries (only one candidates for each party, but I plan to expand that. Therefore I let some US candidates in the game to use them as basis for additional future candidates.)

When the map editor will be out, I plan to make some Austrian scenarios too.

Perhaps I can ignite your interest in Austrian politics at least I hope so. 🙂  If you have any questions, please ask me 😉

Have fun and any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

P.S. Please forgive me any grammatical errors in the blurbs, (which I plan to expand) as English is just my 2nd language. If you find something incorrect, I’ll correct it asap.



Austria – 2016

2016 Campaign to “Re-Elect” Al Gore.



Since the talk is going around again I though I would share my scenario where Al Gore gives the Presidency a final shot.  I inserted Gore in place of Grayson.  This scenario also includes a few of my percentage changes for the generals and primaries.  Trump starts out with somewhat of a lead in this one for the GOP nomination.  Gore starts 3rd behind Clinton and Sanders.


Download: United States – 2016 4

United States – 2016 (expanded – minor parties)

Hi fellow PI gamers. 🙂


I started to make an expanded 2016 scenario. I added all minor parties and independents mentioned on Wikipedia. I gave them only ballot access in their home state, because I don’t know where they will be on in the real election. But I will update my scenario when further information will be available.

United States – 2016 (alternate version)

Please support me with your feedback and of course I plan to make further expanded elections based on Wiki information.

When the map-editor will be available I plan to make other scenarios such as Gubernatorial elections as well.

Have fun,

Luki (Conservative Elector 2) 🙂