2008 – President Kerry

I’m working on an alternate historical scenario where John Kerry was narrowly elected president in 2004, and is running for re-election amidst an economic crisis. This is still in beta mode, so there are still things that I need to polish up, but I got the main stuff completed, and thus I wanted to upload the first version of my President Kerry 2008 scenario.

Here is what I have added so far.

  • Democratic side has only President Kerry and Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio as an optional primary challenger.
  • Added Dick Cheney and George Pataki as GOP presidential candidates
  • Added Chafee, Petraeus, and Snowe as running mates
  • Switch the event effects, so that the Republicans benefit from events as opposed to the Democrats
  • Changed some endorsers assuming that the GOP did far better in the 2006 midterms than in reality with a democrat as the incumbent president.


  • Added George Allen for the Republicans, and added Donald Trump as an optional third party.

I may add some alternate third parties and some candidates in the future.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and please leave any comments or suggestions on what I should add.

DOWNLOAD LINK: United States – 2008 – President Kerry – v2