President Infinity 1956 Election


Eisenhower’s first term has ended and his reelection seems assured. However, his health is an issue after having suffered a heart attack the previous year. Many believed he would not run for reelection; however, in 1956, he declared that he would run. This election took place during the Cold War with a post-Stalin Soviet Union.

For Republicans, Eisenhower’s late entry into the race led to a few candidates having declared an intention to run. William Knowland and John Bricker were too conservative options for voters. ┬áS. C. Arnold and Joe Foss were favorite candidate options. However, this competition appeared to be no threat to the president.

The Democrats had a much more varied field. Adlai Stevenson was the frontrunner in his renomination bid. The populist option was once again Estes Kefauver. Former president Truman supported Averell Harriman as a compromise choice. Various favorite son candidate, including Lyndon B. Johnson, joined the election.

The top third party was a very weak States’ Rights Party.

This election allows for many what-if scenarios:

  • What if Harold Stassen once again ran as the liberal Republican option?
  • Some pushed Herbert Hoover to run, despite the near quarter century since his presidency.
  • Douglas MacArthur was still considered a candidate even though he was in his mid-70s.
  • Henry Cabot Lodge was arguably the leader of the Eastern moderate establishment. What if he ran?
  • Can Prescott Bush be the first Bush president?
  • What if Harry S Truman attempted a comeback?
  • Byrd, Kerr, Russell and Fulbright could have been Southern options for the Democrats.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. had some supporters among those nostalgic for the FDR presidency. What if he had run?
  • John F. Kennedy was a VP option in 1956. What if he had run for the presidency?

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United States – 1956