President Infinity 1900 Election


The 1900 election was a rematch between William McKinley and pro-labor, pro-silver Democrat, William Jennings Bryan. Both nominees were virtually unopposed. McKinley’s reelection seemed pretty much assured as the economy was strong and he had just won the Spanish-American War.

The election allows for some what-if scenarios so that these candidates face some competition:

  • What if Governor Theodore Roosevelt attempted a premature run for president?
  • What if leading progressive Republican, Robert La Follette ran against McKinley?
  • What if wealthy, pro-labor publisher, William Randolph Hughes, ran for president?
  • What if Grover Cleveland, the pro-business, pro-Gold Standard former president ran for a 3rd non-consecutive term?
  • Admiral George Dewey, a hero of the recent war, wanted to run for president, but the media slammed him for his gaffes and his obvious political naivety.

Feedback to improve the scenario is desired.

United States – 1900