Libertarian Revolution 2020 – The Trump Incumbency

2020 – Trump Incumbency

This is a spin-off of my 2020 Libertarian Revolution campaign.  I’ve continued with that theme, but updated it to reflect Trump’s election.  It’s 2020 and Donald Trump is running for election, but the Republican Party has split.  There are two smaller parties in addition to Trump’s “Populist Republican.”
The “Constitutional Conservative Republican” party, led by Ted Cruz, represents those who are upset about Trump’s lack of Constitutional Conservative values, especially on trade and tariffs.

The “RINO Republican” Party represents the “establishment” Republicans such as Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan who have resisted the Washington shake-up that Trump has started.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to swing left, but some moderates like John Hickenlooper may try to reclaim the party from its far-left movement.

Of course the Libertarian Party, though not putting up stellar numbers in 2016, has gained momentum.  The 2016 runner-up, 39-year-old Austin Petersen headlines a talented group of candidates along with “former” Republican Rand Paul.

One other thing that I did was do the Issues almost completely from scratch.  I felt that the original game, and many 2016 scenarios that I downloaded had way too many issues, as many as 50+ with many overlapping.  I think that like most things, less is more when it comes to issues and candidates so I kept both at small numbers.  The issues have been modeled after the website, which also makes it easier to evaluate candidates’ positions on those issues.  So I have re-done all issue positions one by one for each candidate.

So I hope you like it.  Disagree with the candidates or parties?  Have a suggestion?  Someone missing?  Please comment.  Thanks for downloading!

2020 – Trump Incumbency

Historical Scenario

Releasing of US Historical scenario all suggestions to comments or forum link

Have two Partys Republicans vs Democrats and Create Ads With Observer because have high influence of elections are very detailed and future add more endorses


First Update: United States – Historical 2

Old Links:United States – Historical Old


Update :Candidates Added and More Balanced Madison,Harding,McKinley,Taft,Humphrey from VP to Candidate the New VP are Kerr,Nance Garner,Hull,A. Johnson and Buchanan



New York City Mayoral Election 2017

new york city mayoral 2017

Despite dropping approval ratings, incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio is still the favorite to win the election.  Can he fight off challengers within his own party AND a republican candidate?  Candidates include:


  • Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • former Secretary Hillary Clinton (off)
  • Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
  • Comptroller Scott Stringer (off)
  • State Senator Tony Avella
  • former Detective Bo Dietl
  • former Councilmember Sal Albanese
  • former Secretary Shaun Donovan (off)
  • former Representative Harold Ford Jr. (off)
  • Public Advocate Letitia James (off)
  • Representative Hakeem Jeffries (off)
  • Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (off)
  • Mr. Don Peebles (off)
  • former Speaker Christine Quinn (off)
  • Mr. Josh Thompson
  • former Representative Anthony Weiner (off)


  • former Commissioner Raymond Kelly
  • Mr. John Catsimatidis
  • Councilmember Eric Ulrich
  • Mr. Paul Massey
  • Mr. Donald Trump Jr.
  • Reverend Michel Faulkner
  • Mr. Darren Aquino

Updates will be made to this scenario, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments


1939 Confederate States Election

Confederate States – 1939 Download

In 1933 Huey P. Long became the 13th Confederate president and Pat Harrison became the 13th Vice President.  JonhnnyK presents: The Confederate States presidential election of 1939: It’s a two man race for the Confederate Democrat nomination, Hugo Black vs Harry S. Truman. President pro tempore Hugo Black looks the favorite while the Truman, the young Senator from Missouri, looks the underdog. The New Republican primary is a three way race between Virginia governor George C. Peery, Georgia senator Richard Russel Jr. and former Governor Bibb Graves. The Freedom Party primary is wide open as racist white supremacist Virginia Governor Harry F. Byrd is leading, Ku Klux Klan member and former Governor of Mississippi Theodore Bilbo is running a tight second, and fellow Ku Klux Klan member former Governor of Georgia Clifford Walker is third. Texan Pat Neff (a former Radical Liberal Democrat turned Far-Left Socialist) is leading the Socialist Primary followed by Cordell Hull respectively. Can the Socialists take over the Confederacy? Can the Freedom Party win for the first time? Can a KKK member take the Presidency? Can Harry S. Truman overcome the odds and win the Presidency?

Rate this scenario:

Confederate Democrats Primary:

  • Hugo Black
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Pat Harrison (off)
  • Clyde R. Hoey (off)
  • Gordon Browning (off)
  • Claude A. Swanson (off)
  • John Nance Garner (off)
  • Huey P. Long (off)

New Republican Primary:

  • George C. Peery
  • Richard Russel Jr.
  • Bibb Graves
  • Doyle E. Carlton (off)
  • Ben W. Hooper (off)
  • John G. Richards Jr. (off)
  • James C. Breckenridge

Freedom Primary:

  • Harry F. Byrd
  • Theodore G. Bilbo
  • Clifford Walker
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest III (off)
  • Ellison D. Smith (off)

Socialist Primary:

  • Pat Neff
  • Cordell Hull (Unopposed)

Confederate Democrat Vice-Leaders:

  • John Bankhead II (Alabama)
  • Carl Hayden (Arizona)
  • Hattie W. Caraway (Arkansas)
  • Claude Pepper (Florida)
  • Edward E. Cox (Georgia)
  • Alben W. Barkley (Kentucky)
  • Allen J. Ellender (Louisiana)
  • Wal Doxey (Mississippi)
  • Bennett Champ Clark (Missouri)
  • Josiah W. Bailey (North Carolina)
  • James F. Byrnes (South Carolina)
  • Kenneth McKellar (Tennessee)
  • Tom Conally (Texas)
  • S. Otis Bland (Virginia)

New Republican Vice-Leaders:

  • J. Lister Hill (Alabama)
  • Henry F. Ashurst (Arizona)
  • John E. Miller (Arkansas)
  • Walter F. George (Georgia)
  • Marvel M. Logan (Kentucky)
  • John H. Overton (Louisiana)
  • Hubert D. Stephens (Mississippi)
  • Roscoe C. Patterson (Missouri)
  • Robert R. Reynolds (North Carolina)
  • Nathaniel B. Dial (South Carolina)
  • Tom Stewart (Tennessee)
  • Morris Sheppard (Texas)
  • Joseph T. Deal (Virginia)

1939 Official Ticket:

  • Confederate Democrat: Harry S. Truman (MIZZ) – VP James F. Byrnes (SC)
  • New Republican: George C. Peery (TENN) – VP Henry F. Ashurst (ARIZ)
  • Freedom: Harry F. Byrd (VA) – VP John E. Rankin (MISS)
  • Socialist: Pat Neef (TEX) – VP Cordell Hull (TENN)

Complete with real WW2 events, and updated population, turnout, primary delegates, and electoral votes

UPDATE: New Issues: WW2, Women’s rights, and Socialism

This is a series of fictional scenarios if the south won the civil war and the Confederate states were still around!

I will follow the format written in the constitution of the Confederate states: 6 year terms no re-election

Please let me know what you think!

Note: This series was created for educational purposes only, they in no way, shape, or form reflect my values or beliefs.


United States-2020 (v 1.7.3)

United States – 2020 (v 1.7.3)



After winning the 2016 in an upset, Trump faces some challenges from within the party and from outside of the party. The Democratic side is wide open with California’s Junior Senator, Kamala Harris, having a slight edge out of the gate.  Democrats experienced large gains in Governorships and were able to keep the Senate at 52-48 in the 2018 midterms.

V 1.7.3

  • Alabama Junior Senator is now Luther Strange
  • Illinois Governor is now Christopher Kennedy
  • Res Tillerson is still an endorser but I have removed his surrogate.  If he is a sitting SOS he would be unable to hit the campaign trail for partisan purposes.
  • Gave Al Franken a bit of a boost in the Democratic primary.  His profile has risen over the first month of the DJT presidency and he already does have decent name recognition for a junior Senator of a medium size state.

V 1.7.2

  • This update fixes the endorser error
    • Big thank you to Anthony on this one

V 1.7.1

  • Sen. David Vitter -> Sen. John Neely Kennedy

V 1.7

  • This version adds a newspaper of record as an endorser for every state that didn’t already have one in the game (Iowa and New York).  This adds a total of 48 new endorsers.



  • President Donald Trump
  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Governor John Kasich
  • Senator Rand Paul
  • Senator Joni Ernst
  • Senator Tom Cotton
  • Senator Ben Sasse
  • Actor Dwayne Johnson
  • Most of the remaining 2016 candidates and potential candidates are still there but turned off


  • Senator Kamala Harris
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Secretary Julian Castro
  • Governor Joseph P. Kennedy
  • Senator Cory Booker
  • Senator Martin Heinrich
  • Governor Steve Bullock
  • Senator Chris Murphy
  • Representative Tulsi Gabbard
  • Fmr. Secretary Jason Kander
  • Senator Al Franken
  • As with the GOP, I left in all of the (well almost all of) the 2016 candidates and potential candidates as “off”


  • Adam Kokesh
  • As with Dem & GOP, I left in all of the 2016 candidates and potential candidates as “off”


  • Winona LaDuke
  • Jill Stein (off)

2020- President Trump (v 1.1.2)

Hello players! Sorry for the wait, I’m back!!! This time, with a hell of a lot more! I’ve added numerous events, candidates, and VP candidates! Expect the next update in around a week, mostly issues and events based, with numerous VPs!!! Please try this scenario, I love feedback!!!



United States – 2020 (Trump)



Several new events, more realistic polling, etc.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D)
Gov. Steve Bullock (D)
Fmr. Gov Lincoln Chafee (D)
Fmr. MO SoS Jason Kander (D)
Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (D)
Mr. Larry Lessig (D)

Vice Leaders:

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D)
Gov. Chris Sununu (R)

California Gubernatorial 2018

California Governor – 2018

Author: Anthony


The last time California had an open election for the Governorship, it became the most expensive statewide election in US history. With both the governor and senate seat up in 2010, the republicans were on the verge of actually winning some statewide seats. 8 years later after Jerry Brown 2.0, California still faces many problems that the growing electorate seems eager to simply find anyone who can make the state better. While California is difficult for a republican to win, a new crop of California GOP faces (something CA Republicans have not had in over a decade) look poised to put it back into play. But with democrats already having a full bench of experienced and top shelf names such as Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa and others running, can the republicans win the Governorship?

Notes — Many candidates have already declared their candidacy (mainly on the democratic side) and others are speculating a run and have been included regardless. Those already declared are on by default, those likely to run are also on by default, those genuinely on the fence are turned off for the time being, but feel free to use them. As time passes and the race develops I can continue to update if there is enough interest. Also I can do remakes of the 2010 versions of the CA Governor and Senate races if there is interest. This is my first so any and all feedback is appreciated.

1964 Presidential Election

1964 Election

[Download version 1.0 here: United States – 1964]

1.0 release includes everything except for the events. Later releases will clear up any typos, errors, or anything else I overlooked.

For the Democrats, LBJ is the clear frontrunner, but faces a challenge from George Wallace, a conservative Southern Democrat. Additionally, a few favorite son candidates hope to hold their state’s delegates. What-ifs include John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Eugene McCarthy. Robert F. Kennedy is a VP option.

For the Republicans, the party sees two stronger challengers for the office: Conservative Barry Goldwater and moderate Nelson Rockefeller. Several other Republicans have an outside chance at taking the nomination from these two. What-if candidates include Richard Nixon.

Comments will be helpful in improving this scenario.