Scottish Independence Referendum 2014


Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

Author: Treasurer of the PC

Description: On May 5th 2011, the SNP achieved an historic overall majority government at the Scottish Parliament, gaining them a mandate to hold a Scottish Independence Referendum, to achieve their ultimate aim of seceding from the United Kingdom and becoming an independent nation. The 2012 Edinburgh Agreement, between both Scottish and UK Governments was signed to declare the date of the Referendum, for 18th September 2014, with the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”. A huge amount of interest and heated political debate not seen for decades in Scotland has followed. Who will win this “once-in-lifetime” election, the “Better Together – No Thanks” campaign or “Yes Scotland”?

Nova Scotia -2013 version 1.0


Nova Scotia 2013

Author: Bluenoser15

Four years after sweeping to power, the Dexter led NDP are fighting for their political lives. Public disenchantment with business-friendly subsidies, a broken no tax increase promise and an MLA expense scandal has made this election an up hill battle for the incumbent New Democrats.

*Still to be fixed


•Election night starts at 7:00 but vote count begins at 8:00

•More issues could be added

1960: Kennedy V. Nixon. Version 3.2


Download: United States – 1960 (v 3.2)

Incumbent President Dwight D. Eisenhower has become the first United States President to be term-limited.  His VP Richard Nixon has decided to run for the Republican nomination against a wide open Democratic field including the youthful Junior Senator from Massachusetts, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

-There are many blank descriptions throughout

v 3.2 (11/22/2015)

  • Adjusted many of the percentages for the Democratic Primary
  • Fixed a bunch of added momentum at the state level of many states for a bunch of early endorsers.  This should fix some of the problem with a candidate winning a few early endorsements and ending up with a ton of momentum.

v 3.1 (10/29/2015)

  • Adjusts Decided/leaning/undecided splits
  • Fixes bug with South Dakota.  GOP numbers now showing up there correctly.

v 3.0 (10/28/2015)

  • Bug fixes
  • Adjusted money coefficient and fundraising coefficient
  • also adjusted the cost of ad creation and running ads

v 2.2 (7/24/2015)

  • Added> Dem>VP>Sen. Albert Gore, Sr.
  • Added>Dem>VP>Gov. Orville Freeman
  • Added>Rep>VP>Sec. Robert B. Anderson
  • Robert Meyner (Dem) is now “On”
  • Fixed bug in the code that was preventing a user from being able to create more Democratic VP choices.  (This was a code issue)

 v 2.1 (5/31/2015)

  • Fixed bug where neither party was able to poll above 0% in the General Election.

v 2.0 (4/24/2015)

  • Added > New Jersey Gov. Robert B. Meyner as Democratic Candidate (off)
  • Added > Businessman Paul C. Fisher as Democratic candidate (on, only on NH ballot)
  • George Bender > “On”
  • Barry Goldwater > “Off”
  • Added West Virginia Gov. Cecil H. Underwood as Republican Candidate (only on ballot in WV and NE)
  • Did with the GOP primaries what I did recently with the Dem primaries.  I took candidates off ballots that they were not on and adjusted a few of the numbers.

v 1.9 (4/23/2015)

  • PAC’s are now “off”
  • Fixed issue with election ending before polls closed in Alaska

v 1.8 (4/22/2015)

  • Removed more candidates from ballots, in the Democratic Primary< that they were not on.
  • Set all candidates not on a particular ballot to 0%
  • Added George H. Mclain as a candidate.  (California favorite son candidate)
  • Mclain and Brown are now the only two on the ballot in CA and the only two with percentages here to start

 v 1.7 (4/21/2015)

  • Added “Unpledged Democratic Electors”  (This is rough as the game engine doesn’t work well with this type of event)
  • Unpledged electors have Hary F. Byrd as leader and Strom Thurmond as vice leader
  • Added a “blurb” for Nixon
  • PIP’s now equal for both Nixon and Kennedy
  • Added Favorite son candidates DiSalle and Smathers.  They are only on in their home state
  • Took some candidates off of primary ballots that they were never on.
  • Blurbs for DiSalle and Smathers
  • Changed the map color for Brown from the matching color with Morse\
  • This is a continual work in progress.  I still need to add more potential candidates and favorite son candidates.  Tweak who is on the ballot on what state, fixing percentages.  Tidying up endorsers and adding bios to everyone in the game without them.

v 1.6 (4/21/2015)

  • Updated some of the starting numbers and tightened up the party preference voting and lowered undecideds to create a more realistic 1960 electorate.  (particularly in the south)
  • Johnson is now in the VP list for Kennedy.  (You don’t have to offer Johnson the VP slot once Kennedy reaches the delegate count during the convention.  You can now just chose him from the regular list)
  • George H. Bender is now “off”
  • Changed a couple of the issues to a more 1960 platform.  Now includes Kennedy’s Catholicism as well as a general “cold war” issue.  Also reworked the descriptions for Government Spending.
  • Removed “war on poverty issue” this was really a 1964 and on Johnson thing.
  • Upped Kennedy’s Charisma and dropped his experience a bit.


v 1.5 (1/14/2015)

  • Updates delegate count for all 50 states plus DC in both parties.
  • Primary dates updated
  • State which had primaries had dates in the game for FPP primaries.
  • All other states have PR “primaries” that take place on the day before nomination during the respective party’s convention.

v 1.4 (12/22/2014)

  • Adds Fmr. Sen. George H. Bender as GOP candidate from Ohio.
  • Fixes endorsement issue where LBJ and Symington were being duplicated and endorsing themselves.
  • Fixed Spelling of “Symington”
  • Fixed Spelling of “Senator” on LBJ’s title
  • Slight change in Ohio numbers for GOP primaries to accommodate for Bender as a candidate.

v 1.3 (12/19/2014)

  • Fixes party conventions
  • Democratic: Chicago -> Los Angeles
  • GOP: Miami Beach -> Chicago
  • Dates fixed to July dates that conventions occurred on.

v 1.2 (12/16/2014)

  • fixed a few more primary numbers on both sides
  • Added Harry Belafonte as national endorser
  • The Tonight Show changed from “With Johnny Carson” to with “Jack Paar”
  • Sammy Davis, Jr. is now a national endorser

v 1.1 (12/15/2014)

  •  adds a slew of new endorsers including Henry Fonda, Sammy Davis, Jr, Eleanor Roosevelt, New York Post, etc.  Also added Marilyn Monroe as a surrogate for Kennedy.
  • Two of the favorite son candidates for the Dem. nomination are now on the ballot in their home states


Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated.  Just keep in mind that there are a slew of things that still need to be fixed here, but the spine of the scenario is in place and ready for a test run.


Kingston – 2012

Kingston - 2012

Kingston – 2012

Author: Treasurer of the PC

Description: Kingston is an English fictional island nation with it’s own monarchy, parliament and senate. After a severe economic turndown, Kingston’s main industries of agriculture and fishing are struggling as controversial quotas and food prices are playing turmoil with it’s commercial infrastructure and export sales. The incumbent Tory Nationalist government have hiked up taxes to balance the budget..or face crushing debt impairment. However, opposing parties want better alternatives…

Battle for power of the Parliament & the Senate!

England – 2015

England – 2015

At election 2010, Gordon Brown’s Labour were absolutely trashed by David Cameron’s Conservatives. Brown resigned immediately. In 2011, the United Kingdom imploded after Scotland voted for independence, resulting in a domino effect, with Northern Ireland declaring independence in 2012, and Wales sticking it out until 2014. This is disastrous for Labour, who have lost many of their heartland areas of solid Labour, and there is a fear that in this political climate of parties, that Labour will never return to power and the English Tory vote is too strong in the midlands and southern counties. In a change of face, Labour, along with the Liberal Democrats, who maintained most of their seats last election form an alliance. In this first modern England general election, can the Lab-Lib Alliance thwart the “invincible” Tories?

Labour Leadership Election 1976

Labour Leadership Election 1976

Prime Minister Harold Wilson has stepped down from his premiership in a surprise move, as he feels at the age of 60, he can no longer carry on in his role to the best of his ability. 6 Labour cabinet ministers have successfully been nominated in the race to become the next leader and PM. Although he is the oldest candidate, James Callaghan’s widespread appeal and experience has made him the favourite. Whomever wins, will have to deal with high inflation, the issue of devolution, and a wafer thin majority at the House of Commons.

Glasgow Hillhead 1982 By-election

Glasgow Hillhead 1982 By-election

Following the death of Conservative MP Tam Galbraith, a by-election for Glasgow Hillhead has been set for the 25th of March. A Conservative seat since it’s creation in 1918, the Conservative majority has been shrunk in recent years, as Labour have gained ground. Hopes of a Labour gain though, have been hampered by the newly created Labour breakaway party of the SDP, announcing the high-profile leader of the party, Roy Jenkins, will contest this seat. This is one of the most wealthiest seats in Glasgow, hosting an older business-types demographic along with a large student population. Will the Tories manage to hang on to their only Glasgow seat, with the SDP proving to be a real alternative? Can Labour take advantage of a highly unpopular Thatcher government?