Arkansas – 2002 (Governor)

Hi my friends! šŸ™‚

I’ve created a working ArkansasĀ scenario.Ā Ā Arkansas – 2002 (Governor) 2Ā <- UPDATE #2 is out!Ā My good friend JohnnyK improved some things. šŸ™‚


It’s the 2002Ā Gubernatorial election featuring Governor Mike HuckabeeĀ vs. State Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher. You are free to use it for your own ArkansasĀ elections (Governor, Senate,…)

I plan to create other Arkansas scenarios too. If you want to help me, please message me in the forum. šŸ™‚


  • Governor Mike Huckabee (R)
  • StateĀ Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher (D)
  • Write-in/Observation Party (ballot access only in Marion County (nearly 6 % write-in votes…)
  • Working County map of Arkansas
  • Accurate %s of 2002
  • Correct county population as given on Wikipedia
  • Correct Debate date.
  • Real slogans as Super PAC names
  • Surrogate Janet Huckabee and Bill Clinton
  • Correct county ids
  • Primaries
  • Lt. Gov. Winthrop P. Rockefeller (R)
  • Bill Halter as democratic running mate (D)
  • 2 new Democrats and 1 Republican challenger
  • Primary %s as given on Wikipedia

Update #2 by JohnnyK

  • Arkansas Interviewers
  • Accurate Arkansas Endorsers

To-do list:

  • Arkansas issues
  • Potential candidates
  • More surrogates

Have fun, I look forward to your feedback. šŸ™‚

*Last update: 08/21/2016*

West Germany – 1949

Close to four years after the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II, the three Western Occupational Allied Powers of Germany, realizing they weren’t going to get cooperation on the recreation of a German State from the Soviet Union, created the Federal Republic of Germany out of their occupational zones, except for West Berlin and the French Saarland Protectorate, on May 23, 1949, with the ratification of Basic Law, the new nation’s constitution.. Elections for the Bundestag, or Federal Parliament, are now being held. Konrad Adenauer’s new CDU and it’s allied CSU, Free Democrats, and German Party intend to form a centre-right coalition against Kurt Schumacher’s Social Democrats. And the Centre Party stands in between. But with Communists, Neo-Nazis, and Bavarian Separatists nipping at all three sides’ heels, who will come out ahead?

West Germany – 1949

Canada 1957

Canada – Fixed – 1957

The Liberal Party has governed Canada for 22 years with five consecutive majority governments under first Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, then succeeded in 1948 by Justice Minister Louis St. Laurent. Though the economy is strong and St. Laurent himself remains popular, he excercises little supervision over his cabinet ministers, and several controversies have arisen of late. The Progressive Consevatives, under their new leader, the charismatic John Diefenbaker, plan to run a campaign potraying the Liberals as arrogant and out-of-touch, while the Liberals campaign on the national prosperity and their claim there’s no need to change.

Um Al-Mohajshahr 2010


Um Al-Mohajshahr 2010

Author: Treasurer of the PC

Description: Um Al-Mohajshahr is a Middle Eastern Islamic oil rich nation located near the Hojabi desert. Ayatollah Shahid Zaman, the Supreme Leader has called for a snap election after serious claims and loss of confidence in the Conservative Clergy to Allah Governate, after recent events of out-of-control money laundering & bribery with CCA splinter groups to fight against the Militant Mujahideen. This had led to failure to tackle the “Privatisation Debt Deficit” following “The Great Alikaz Selloff” in 2007. Islamic Solidarity want a modern Islamic constitution free from greed. Democratic Reform appeals for greater changes including gender equality and Sharia Law modernisation. The Militant Mujahideen are growing in support. Can the CCA cling on to power and repair the nation as they did when elected 12 years ago?

USA – 2008 (Cheney)


NEW Update!!! Version 1.6 is out. šŸ™‚

Hi my fellow gamers.

Here’s my new what-if Scenario –Ā Cheney 2008. Cheney succeeded Bush in 2007, after Bush got serious injured in a terrorist attack. Cheney decided to run for reelection as an Independent to unite America behind him on the upcoming challenges in the middle-east. He now faces both Republican and Democratic challengers. Can he win a full term or can the Republicans or Democrats restore the old order? Who will be successful?

Any Feedback, game reportsĀ or additional info is welcome.Ā Thanks in advance.

If you have any ideas, tell me and I’ll try to include them.

P.S. Please forgive any grammatical errors as English is just my 2nd language. If you find something incorrect please say it to me and I’ll correct it asap.

Version 1.6 is out! It contains:

  • Off-Cheney as Republican (Of course you should turn off hisĀ Unity alter ego šŸ˜‰ )
  • Gravel, Ruwart, Smith, Kubby, Phillies, Jingozian (all Libertarians)
  • John Roberts andĀ Antonin Scalia as Republican VP Options
  • Jon Stewart and Gretchen Whitmer as Democratict VP Options
  • Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban as Reform VPs

Have fun, any feedback is welcome.



United States – 2008 – President Cheney (v. 1.6)

*Last update 10/27/2015*

Alberta – 2015

alberta2015 startup screen

Premier Jim Prentice, shortly after assuming the leadership of Alberta’s long-established Progressive Conservatives, has introduced a tough budget and called an election, gambling that he can capitalize on the seeming weakness of his rivals on both the right and the left. While most expect the PCs to win, some warn that this election might finally see the end of an Albertan political dynasty.

Designed for the PM4E2011 Canada engine. Many thanks to Patine for the municipal flags.

Link to download:

(UPDATED to include a working link.)

Australia – 1975

Australia 1975

A series of controversial decisions has culminated in Governor-General John Kerr’s dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam nad his appointment of Malcolm Fraser, who did not have a lower house majority, in his place. Though Whitlam’s supporters are furious, many voters are more concerned about his turbulent handling of the economy.

Playable parties are Liberal, Labor, National Country, Democratic Labor, and Independent – no alternate leaders as of now. I am more than happy to hear feedback and consider further changes!

Australia – 1975

Scottish Independence Referendum 2014


Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

Author: Treasurer of the PC

Description: On May 5th 2011, the SNP achieved an historic overall majority government at the Scottish Parliament, gaining them a mandate to hold a Scottish Independence Referendum, to achieve their ultimate aim of seceding from the United Kingdom and becoming an independent nation. The 2012 Edinburgh Agreement, between both Scottish and UK Governments was signed to declare the date of the Referendum, for 18th September 2014, with the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?”. A huge amount of interest and heated political debate not seen for decades in Scotland has followed. Who will win this “once-in-lifetime” election, the “Better Together – No Thanks” campaign or “Yes Scotland”?

Nova Scotia -2013 version 1.0


Nova Scotia 2013

Author: Bluenoser15

Four years after sweeping to power, the Dexter led NDP are fighting for their political lives. Public disenchantment with business-friendly subsidies, a broken no tax increase promise and an MLA expense scandal has made this election an up hill battle for the incumbent New Democrats.

*Still to be fixed


ā€¢Election night starts at 7:00 but vote count begins at 8:00

ā€¢More issues could be added