Senate – 2018

Hello all! I’ve been slowly plugging away on an alpha version of the 2018 Senate Mid-Term election. I’ve possibly over-strengthened the Democrats, and I’ve yet to add in events, but hopefully this alpha will at least pique your interest! Feel free to leave a comment or criticism of how I’ve set the whole thing up. I’ll be updating this hopefully within the week!

Senate – 2018


  • Major Party Candidates
  • Major Independents
  • Add surrogates for main parties
  • Modify issues

To Do:

  • More Independents
  • More Third Parties
  • Events
  • More Issues + Further issue tweaks

Senate 2018

I didn’t see any Senate 2018 scenarios, so I decided to post my own.  Comments as always are welcome!

UPDATE 7-7-17

Fixed error “Observer” should not be on any ballots
Added Libertarian Party
New candidate: Austin Petersen (MO-1)
Assumptions are Sanders (I-VT) and King (I-ME) will continue as independents
Michael Eisen is challenging Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as an independent
Every party that does not have a declared candidate in that state was taken off-ballot
Updated region percentages:
30% “Expert” total: Cook/Sabato/etc.
20% Statewide Cook PVI index
30% 2012 result
20% 2014/16 opposite-seat resu

My Senate 2018

Ultimate American Empire Senate 2020

This is tied into the UAE Presidential Election 2020

With the Presidential election underway the major two parties are seeing a pick-up in support, but the minor third parties are seeing a weakened Republican party in the South. With the Tea Party fielding their own senate candidates the Senate races in the south are expected to get interesting. Who will come out on top?

American History – Senate 2020