Congress Infinity 2018 House of Representatives (Servo75)

Servo75’s House of Representatives 2018

This is my version 1.0 of the 2018 House of Representatives.  I’ve made the following adjustments to the “official” campaign

1. Updated candidates
Added special election winners
Updated committee chairs
Input some newly-declared challengers
2. MAGA Party
Challenging moderate/liberal Republicans
On ballot in districts where…
Trump carried by 20+ points and either Democrat incumbent or GOP under 80% by Heritage Scorecard
3. “TBD” in districts where GOP/Dem has targeted but no formal declared candidates.  Non-targeted districts are “off ballot” if no one has declared.

4. If DCCC or RNCC has a district in a “frontline program” for extra support (source ballotpedia), I raised Candidate Strength by 1

5. Region percentages:
GOP% = 50 + Cook PVI + Cook Prediction *

*Cook Prediction:
Likely GOP    +8
Lean GOP    +5
Tossup GOP    +1
Tossup Dem    -1
Lean Dem    -5
Likely Dem    -8

Senate 2018

I didn’t see any Senate 2018 scenarios, so I decided to post my own.  Comments as always are welcome!

UPDATE 7-7-17

Fixed error “Observer” should not be on any ballots
Added Libertarian Party
New candidate: Austin Petersen (MO-1)
Assumptions are Sanders (I-VT) and King (I-ME) will continue as independents
Michael Eisen is challenging Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as an independent
Every party that does not have a declared candidate in that state was taken off-ballot
Updated region percentages:
30% “Expert” total: Cook/Sabato/etc.
20% Statewide Cook PVI index
30% 2012 result
20% 2014/16 opposite-seat resu

My Senate 2018

Ultimate American Empire House 2020

This is tied into the UAE Presidential Election 2020

The Republicans have held the house for 10 years, but thanks in part to split parties (Tea, and Libertarian parties) and the rise of the American party they have been pushed back to just barley holding the majority with 218 seats. They are poised to not only lose the majority but to be pushed into their smallest minority since the 1940’s. The Americans are likely to expand their territory, but the Democrats are the most likely to pick up the most seats. Who will come out the biggest winner?

American History – House 2020