Ultimate American Empire Senate 2020

This is tied into the UAE Presidential Election 2020

With the Presidential election underway the major two parties are seeing a pick-up in support, but the minor third parties are seeing a weakened Republican party in the South. With the Tea Party fielding their own senate candidates the Senate races in the south are expected to get interesting. Who will come out on top?

American History – Senate 2020

Fallout New Vegas City Council 2282

After a victory for the Courier in the mayoral election, the other parties turn to controlling the City Council instead.


Independents running in all five districts

Casino Group running in four

Westside Organization running in four

Freeside League running in four.

This Congress Infinity mod accompanies the New Vegas Mayor 2282 mod for President Infinity.


Congress 2014 – Additional Parties


Basically, I have made a modified version of the 2014 elections in Congress Infinity. In this version, I have added several minor third parties in addition to the existing Republican and Democrat parties. The parties and candidates are based off of who ran in 2014. The parties I have added are:





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Link: House – 2014 – More Parties v.1