1960-A time of Change

I will be making a 1960 presidential official election scenario do too release this week.

With help from Jonathen Kudelka,vcczar,jvikings2,conservative elector 2




-John F. Kennedy

-Lyndon B. Johnson

-Sturat Simington

-Hubert Humphrey

-Paul C. Fisher

-Robert B. Meyner

-Wayne Morse

-George Smathers

-Adlai Stevenson


-Richard Nixon

-George H. Bender

-James M. Lloyd

-Nelson Rockefeller

-Cecil H. Underwood


-Harry F. Byrd

Civil Rights:(off)

-Martin Luther King Jr.

What Ifs? All off

-Malcom X Civil Rights off

-Rosa Parks Civil Rights off

-JFK Civil Rights off

-Ronald Reagan Democrat off

-Strom Thurmond Dixiecrat off

-Harry F Byrd Democrat off

-Eisenhower Republican off

-Douglas MacArthur Republican off

-Robert Taft (died in 1956) Republican off

-Thomas Dewey Republican off

-Harold Stassen Republican off

-George Wallace Democrat/Dixiecrat off

-Pat Brown Democrat off

-Gerald Ford Republican off

1988 Presidential Election-Trying to continue the “Reagan Revolution”

This will be a historical scenario completely based for the 1988 presidential election,I will also be doing a 1992,and 1996 presidential election after this is finished.

Thank you for the help:Jonathan Kudelka,Conservativeelector2

Expected release-8/3/16-8/5/16


After one of the largest wins by President Reagan in presidential election history,can his VP George HW. Bush capitalize on a strong economy and liked president.

George HW bush isn’t the only republican running and will face challengers.

Official Candidates Republicans(on/off):

-VP George HW. Bush (on)

-Sen. min. lead. Bob Dole (on)

-Televangelist Pat Robertson (on)

-NY Rep. Jack Kemp (on)

-Fmr. DL Gov Pierre S. du Pont, IV (on)

-Fmr. Sec. Alexander Haig (on)

-Fmr. NV Sen Paul Laxalt (off)

-Fmr. MN Gov Harold E. Stassen (off)

What if? Republicans (all off)

-Pres. Ronald Reagan

-Fmr. VP Gerald Ford

-Fmr. Astronaut Frank Borman

-Businessman Steve Forbes

-Businessman Donald Trump

Official Candidates Democrats (on/off)

-MAS Gov Micheal Dukkakis (on)

-Rev Jesse Jackson (on)

-TN Sen Al Gore (on)

-IL Sen Paul Simon (on)

-Fmr CO Sen Gary Hart (on)

-Fmr AZ Gov Bruce Babbitt (on)

-OH Rep Jim Traficant (on)

-OH Rep Douglas Applegate (on)

-Activist Lyndon Larouche (on)

-Fmr. LA Rep. David Duke (on)

-Mr.Andy Martin (on)

-CO Rep Pat Schroeder (off)

-DL Sen Joe Biden (off)

What if? Democrats (all off)

-TX Sen. Lloyd Bentsen

-NJ Sen. Bill Bradley

-ARK Sen Dale Bumpers

-ARK Gov Bill Clinton

-NY Gov Mario Cuomo

-Businessman Lee Iacocca

-MAS Sen Ted Kennedy

-GA Sen Sam Nunn

-Fmr VA Gov Chuck Robb

-Businessman Donald Trump


-TX Rep Ron Paul

New Alliance (on)

-Mrs.Lenora Fulani


-Businessman Ross Perot


-Businessman Donald Trump






2006 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election(In beta)

Just though I’d make this because it is my home state. Also Lynn Swann was in this election! It will be ready by Saturday of this week. There were only two people running however i will ad more if requested to make a primary! (as there wasn’t one) Also possibly different parties? Perhaps Libertarian,Constitution,And Socialist(For fun)

Current Republicans:Lynn Swann(A),Rick Santorum(NA)

Current Democrats:Ed Rendell(A),Bob Casey (NA)

Observation(libertarians):dont know how to make a tottaly 0% party however there only 0.8% in the polls

Challenge: Win Philadelphia on Hard as Santorum or Swann

The first file is completed i will keep in update log give suggestions! #1 thing i need to add are tons of endorsers!

Join in give me suggestions. forum link:http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=12365


v1.1B changes(2/7/16)
-Added Rick Santorum as option to Republican Party
-Added Bob Casey to Democratic Party
-Added Primaries option
-Lowered Swanns Funds from 100,000,000>90,000,000
-Raised Rendells funds to from 105,000,000>115,000,000
-Changed Rendells starting primary funds from 0>500,000
-Changed Swanns Starting primary funds from 0>250,000
-Added 4 more endorsers
-Added 3 primary debates
-added 1 more general election debate
-Changes to percentages
-Deleted Libertarian Party

Pa Governor 2006 V1.1B