2020 Alabama Senate

In 2020, Tommy Tuberville (generic Alabama name) defeated incumbent Senator Doug Jones. Will this election play out the same, or can Jones capitalize on anti-Trump sentiment and keep the seat blue for another six years?


  • Mr. Tommy Tuberville
  • Sen. Luthor Strange
  • Rep. Mo Brooks


  • Attorney and Sen. Doug Jones

2024 – America’s Crossroad

During his first term, Biden swore to be a 1 term president in order to capture the progressive vote. The Republican party is a disaster, after trump’s defeat in 2020, anyone around him had their political career sunk, with only never-Trumpers remaining. Pence is now the only always-trump republican left with an intact reputation. Will Biden’s decision to serve as a 1 term president bite the establishment in the back? Will the republicans rally around the never-trump cause or will they give Trumpism another shot?

Regretting Arkansas and Cristian333888 (on the 270soft discord) present 2024 – America’s Crossroad showing our opinions for a potential 2024 showdown if Joe Biden decides to do 1 term.

Democratic Nominees

  • Vice President Kamala Harris
  • Representative Pete Buttigieg
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Representative Tulsi Gabbard
  • Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Senator Cory Booker
  • Senator Michael Bennett
  • Governor J.B. Pritzker
  • Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham
  • Governor Jay Inslee
  • Representative Joe Kennedy III
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  • Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Governor Andrew Cuomo
  • Fmr. State Representative Stacy Abrams
  • Marianne Williamson

Republican Nominees

  • Fmr. Vice President Mike Pence
  • Senator Tom Cotton
  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Governor Larry Hogan
  • Senator Rick Scott
  • Senator Marco Rubio
  • Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Fmr. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley
  • Governor Mike DeWine
  • Fmr. Secretary Mike Pompeo

Libertarian Nominees

  • Fmr. Rep. Justin Amash
  • Phil Anderson
  • Phil Anderson
  • Jim Babka
  • Bob Barr
  • Steve DesBach
  • Charlie Earl
  • Gary Johnson
  • Wayne Allyn Root
  • Jo Jorgenson

Green Nominees

  • Robin Laurain
  • Angela Walker
  • Amaju Baraka
  • Tony Ndedge
  • Jill Stein
  • Howie Hawkins

People’s Party Nominees

  • Cornel West
  • Nick Brana
  • Fmr. State Rep. Nina Turner
  • Marianne Williamson


  • Removed AOC Endorser
  • Added Andrew Yang (D)
  • Turned Klobuchar (On) > (Undecided), Pete Buttigieg (On) > (Undecided)

Arkansas Senate – 2010

Welp, here we are again. This time we get to see how badly Blanche gets to lose in the 2010 election. Or maybe not? You decide!



  • Incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln
  • Fmr. Lt. Gov. Bill Halter


  • Rep. John Boozman


  • Libertarian turned Independent military veteran Trevor Drown
  • Green Party Mayor of Greenland John Gray
  • Write-in candidates(observer but on the ballot.)

Decision 3012: The Choosening

Hello! This is my first scenario, and instead of possibly doing historical scenarios, I think they’ve been done to death. So I will present the scenario that is drawn from an episode of “Futurama“, Season 7 Episode 3.


  • Sen. Chris Travers
  • Mr. Unknown Greenland
  • Rep. Darcy Richardson
  • Rep. J. J. Evans
  • Rep. Randall Terry
  • Gov. Sarah Palin
  • Mr. John Jackson


  • Pres. Richard Nixon
  • Vice President Agnew
  • Mr. Jack Johnson

Third Parties

  • Theodore Roosevelt’s Head for the Space Bull Moose Party
  • Hermes Conrad for the Brain Slug Party

Version 1.2 is Live


  • Added Space Bull Moose Party with Teddy Roosevelt’s head as its leader
  • Added Brain Slug Party with Hermes Conrad as its leader
  • Added an inset of Europe
  • Added Space Bull Moose Party
  • Added Brain Slug Party
  • Turanga Leela and Philip J. Fry are now surrogates for Chris Travers
  • Spiro Agnew and Bender Rodriguez are now surrogates for Richard Nixon
  • More poll balancing.
  • lowered Nixon’s charisma, debating, and leadership
  • Travers’ home state is now Hawaii
  • Added new regions
    • Skyrim
    • R’lyeh
    • Hawaii
    • Atlanta
    • Belarus
    • Bulgaria
    • Muontana
    • eHio
    • iOwa