2017 Virginia Governor Election

This is a scenario I made for the 2017 Virginia Governor Race. I decided to use the current Congressional map of Virginia as the boundaries for this scenario, since Virginia has waaaaaay too many counties and independent cities for me to deal with in one sitting (at least for the time being). This is still in the early stages (although most of the necessary features being there), and I plan to add:

  1. More endorsers
  2. More Candidates
  3. Events


2008 – President Kerry

I’m working on an alternate historical scenario where John Kerry was narrowly elected president in 2004, and is running for re-election amidst an economic crisis. This is still in beta mode, so there are still things that I need to polish up, but I got the main stuff completed, and thus I wanted to upload the first version of my President Kerry 2008 scenario.

Here is what I have added so far.

  • Democratic side has only President Kerry and Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio as an optional primary challenger.
  • Added Dick Cheney and George Pataki as GOP presidential candidates
  • Added Chafee, Petraeus, and Snowe as running mates
  • Switch the event effects, so that the Republicans benefit from events as opposed to the Democrats
  • Changed some endorsers assuming that the GOP did far better in the 2006 midterms than in reality with a democrat as the incumbent president.


  • Added George Allen for the Republicans, and added Donald Trump as an optional third party.

I may add some alternate third parties and some candidates in the future.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and please leave any comments or suggestions on what I should add.

DOWNLOAD LINK: United States – 2008 – President Kerry – v2

Congress 2014 – Additional Parties


Basically, I have made a modified version of the 2014 elections in Congress Infinity. In this version, I have added several minor third parties in addition to the existing Republican and Democrat parties. The parties and candidates are based off of who ran in 2014. The parties I have added are:





Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Link: House-2014-More Parties