Nova Scotia 2017

During their term in office, the Liberals regularly polled above 50%. However, recent labour disputes with the NSTU has resulted in a slip in Liberal support. There are now talks about the possibility of Liberal minority or even a change in government. Can Stephen McNeil reverse these trends or will he be the leader of second one term government in recent history?

Nova Scotia- 2017

Nova Scotia -2013 version 1.0


Nova Scotia 2013

Author: Bluenoser15

Four years after sweeping to power, the Dexter led NDP are fighting for their political lives. Public disenchantment with business-friendly subsidies, a broken no tax increase promise and an MLA expense scandal has made this election an up hill battle for the incumbent New Democrats.

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•Election night starts at 7:00 but vote count begins at 8:00

•More issues could be added