Denmark – 2015

In this mod you’ll be able to replay the Danish general election of 2015

Denmark 2015

The biggest three parties are: The Liberal Party, The Socialdemocratic Party and the Danish Peoples Party. Who’ll win of these, or will a smaller party be able to get enough momentum to win?

Author: Koneke

Texas 2014 – Gubernatorial

Texas Gubernatorial – 2014

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: Zion

Texans are known for their social and fiscal conservatism. Rick Perry has been the incumbent Governor since George W. Bush’s election as President in 2001. But demographic changes have seen areas north of the Rio Grande slowly turn blue. The Lone Star State has not elected a Democrat to state-wide office in 20 years. Can they turn the tide in 2014, and find a successor to the Democratic legacy of Lyndon Johnson and Ann Richards?