Costa Rica 2022 Election Version 1.0

After a divided congress submersed into inaction, an unprecedent amount of corruption scandals that brought down the greatest national and local political figures, an all time unpopular president Carlos Alvarado, a global pandemic, historical unemployment levels, a rising debt. What will the Costa Rican people decide in an election marked by apathy, conspiracy theories, indecision, pessimism and a rise in alt right political extremism? Lets find out!

Download the ZIP file here!!

4 thoughts on “Costa Rica 2022 Election Version 1.0

  1. Hello
    How do you get to make a Popular Voted election to announce the winner?

  2. Hi my friend glad you are asking me. Go to the campaign editor and edit the campaign you want to decide by popular vote. Go to Regions < Basics < General Election and under the seat number option there is a checkbox named "Popular Vote" select it and now your scenario will ignore the seats and be decided by popular vote, and if you want an automatic runoff select the checkbox named by "Ranked Choice". That is how you can make an election decided by popular vote.

  3. Really? Well I have no idea on why would that happen… It may be useful to ask more modders about it.

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