South Korean Presidential Election – 2017

Some election night exit poll videos (KBS, MBC, SBS):

Finally, I have finished revising the previous South Korean election scenario.

There are still a few problems

  1. Several issue positions (Electoral Reform, Housing, and Welfare) were not included because of my lack of knowledge on some issues, and the fact that it is sometimes hard to find a clear difference between conservatives and liberals in certain issues. Also, among the issues currently I have included, I still have some doubts about the accuracy of the issue positions.
  2. In general, the issue positions for the candidates are accurate. However, of some issue positions, I could not find a candidates’ view on the topic (especially the relatively unknown candidates). Also, a small number of these positions may be inaccurate.
  3. I did not exactly add All the endorsers. I could add them in the future, though most of them are like this: 4000 doctors endorse Moon Jae-in, etc. Besides, there are already many endorsers (300 assemblymen, 17 Mayors/Governors, and a several others)
  4. There may be too many “arrests” in the events section.
  5. The money is still in dollars, even though it is Won, IRL. However, I retained the dollars due to possible complications. Also, because I couldn’t find their campaign finance data (I just put in their net worth or I just put in a rough guess).
  6. Some of the candidate portraits could be better, but I’ll let you decide on that.
  7. There are some minor candidates I did not add (those that did not end up registering, a few that were cut-off in the People’s Party primaries). The reason is that it is difficult to find some of their stances on the issues. Plus, it took a lot of time to update this scenario.

10 thoughts on “South Korean Presidential Election – 2017”

  1. Well done,
    I played as Ban Ki-Moon running under the Baerun Party and lost narrowly. But I felt playing outside the two parties was fair. I would love to see a 2012 and 2007 scenario!

  2. Hey, I was trying to play this game but a error message popped up.
    It said there was a access violation. Any idea why this might be?

  3. I made it using the classic version…
    Maybe your new update cannot read it?

  4. Ahh, perhaps my new update cannot read it. When I try to start up the game it pops up with a error message saying that there is a access violation. It must be because I updated it

  5. Yeah, I think I remember the new version did not seem to read it.
    Try using the older versions.

  6. Thanks for that. I was wondering where to download the older version? I’m sorry I am new to this.

  7. Have done. Thanks for the help. Look forward to (hopefully) playing this campaign

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