1966 – Carmarthen By-Election

1966 – Carmarthen By-Election

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Just weeks after achieving a substantial majority for the Labour Party in Carmarthen at the 1966 General Election, Megan Lloyd-George died of cancer. The by-election in the seat is proving to be much closer than many expected as criticism of the Labour government over local pit closures, rural issues and their treatment of Welsh speaking communities has added pressure to an already unpopular Labour candidate’s campaign. The seat has traditionally been a battle between Labour and the Liberals but Plaid Cymru are on the march in this largely Welsh speaking constituency and their President, Gwynfor Evans, is their candidate in the by-election. Can he pull off a historic victory for the Welsh nationalist party by going from third place to first and winning them their first MP or can Prys Davies hold on for Labour?

Parties and Candidates: 

  • Labour – Gwilym Prys Davies
  • Plaid Cymru – Gwynfor Evans
  • Liberal – Hywel Davies
  • Conservatives – Simon Day

The 1966 Carmarthen By-Election was a pivotal moment in the modern history of Wales as it saw Plaid Cymru elect their first MP to Parliament. It is often considered to be a turning point in the political direction of Wales, with many maintaining that Plaid Cymru’s victory in Carmarthen laid the foundations for devolution in Wales.

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Click Here to Download the Scenario: Carmarthen – 1966

9 thoughts on “1966 – Carmarthen By-Election

  1. This is really cool! I hope you have a lot more of these planned, as I feel you’ve made them really interesting and fun to play.

  2. Thank you very much Isaac, very kind comment indeed! I’ve got some in the pipeline and plenty more planned, the 1982 Glasgow Hillhead by-election is up next.

  3. Great Job! Very well done. Again I am loving the candidate portraits! The issues look really great. I am looking forward to the next one. Best of luck!

  4. Created the map based on old general and council election maps from the period and the issues from research on the by-election campaign.

  5. This is dope. I look forward to seeing your future scenarios (pls do more iconic UK by-election)

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