Australia 2004

2004 – Australia

2004 – Australia updated 6-12-19

As the year 2004 and the third term of the Howard Government come to a close, an election looms. Many issues of domestic and foreign policy divide a polarized electorate … and, in a post-September 11 world, the spectre of international terrorism is always present?

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6 thoughts on “Australia 2004

  1. It’s always cool to see Australia election scenarios, thanks for your hard work!

  2. Two points for feedback. The first is that 2004 wasn’t a double dissolution despite the event popping up, and secondly the Latham bullying event fires even if Latham isn’t labor leader.

  3. @Issac unfortunately the Double Dissolution is something I do not know how to fix. Also for the Latham event, I fixed this.Thank you for the feedback.

  4. @TheLiberalKitten thanks for the effort to do these, they are really great… Till how far back do you intend to do these? 1983?

  5. @YK I plan to go as far back as to the first federal election. Right now I just started a 2001 one.

  6. Looking forward to more scenarios ahead then @TheLiberalKitten. keep it up! Hope you get good access to poll data too

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