United Kingdom 2019 v3.0

The PM has managed to get a longer extension of Article 50 in order to hold a general election. Can a majority for any withdrawal agreement be formed out of the next parliament?

This is an updated version of the hypothetical election this year. With more leaders, events and parties than before, and polling brought up to date. Please enjoy, and report back any problems so I can improve it!

United Kingdom – 2019

3 thoughts on “United Kingdom 2019 v3.0

  1. Thank you for your work but it seems a new version is needed again 😀 Will you update to include the Change UK party?

  2. These scenarios are nice, is it possible to include the candidates from early versions as well to give some more hypothetical match-ups. Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and Farage’s new Brexit party would be great to see also.

  3. A week is a long time in politics, and sadly the situation has changed so rapidly, I probably won’t be updating until parliament’s summer recess! The next update should include Change UK and the Brexit Party, have updated polling, new leaders and new policy positions. Till then!

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