2020 Presidential Election (Beta)

(EDIT: I fixed a few things including switching some old politicians for their newly elected counterparts, this includes the new Republican Senators who were elected in 2018 as endorsers now)

This is an updated and tweaked version of VCCzar’s 2020 Presidential Election.All the credit for the basis of which this version is based upon goes to him.  The region polls are tweaked to fit current data and Howard Schultz is added as an Independent candidate.

Additionally, most of the news articles are removed (I don’t want to predict the future) and more candidates are added to the Libertarian Party as well as AOC being included as an endorser. Some candidates (like Zuckerberg and the Rock as well as the numerous GOP candidates) have been removed for the sake of realism and I will add and subtract candidates as the race further develops.

The Democratic primary starts out with Biden carrying a thin lead in most states but this will typically diminish as candidates gain strength in their own areas.

The Republican primary obviously favors Trump with Kasich as “undecided’.

The general election will favor democrats but is winnable for Republicans if Trump gets his game going early on

That said, Here are the highlights:

Beto O’Rourke added

Adjusted polling numbers for both primaries and general election

Howard Schultz included as an Independent (I set him as off as this is still in the early stages being that we really have no idea how well he might do)

Updated Libertarian candidates: Includes Justin Amash, Bill Weld, and more.

Endorsers are up to date and stats are more reflective of current events.

Some of the positions are fixed and some of the more “biased” bios are changed.


8 thoughts on “2020 Presidential Election (Beta)

  1. Pretty good revamp of the 2020 scenario, especially regarding percentages for various candidates.

  2. This is great, I just want to point out that Ron Desantis is the governor of FL, not Andrew Gillum, not a big deal though.

  3. Thanks. I did want to leave Gilium as an endorser but I’ll upload one with Ron as gov as an edit by the end of this week at the latest

  4. This is really good! Working on my own scenario right now as well, it’s a slog renaming all of the Senators, Governors etc. and adding the candidates, but it’s looking good so far, can’t wait to drop it! Trying to include real events as they occur to go in addition to VCCzar’s version. What are you doing for General Election polling in states not polled yet? I only have found statewide of IA, NH, MI, OH, FL, TX, MA. Are you using Trump’s approval/disapproval in states as a proxy?

  5. @Owen G. I used his approval as a base but I also used the Democratic Party performance during 2018 as well as accounting for Trump’s performance in states like WI, PA, and MI in 2016.

  6. I’d recommend adding Bill Weld for the GOP (If you haven’t already done so) in light of today’s news.

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